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Breast cancer is the cancer which is very prevalent in the women and in it the breast cells undergo uncontrollable growth. Let’s get more aware with this disease and know about the types, causes, signs and treatment of the cancer.

Types of breast cancer –

  • Ductal carcinoma – it is one of the most common type of breast cancer which begins in the duct cells.
  • Lobular carcinoma – usually affects both the breasts and it starts in the lobules.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer – it is of the rare type and the cancerous cells block the lymph nodes which makes the skin red and inflamed.
  • Paget’s disease –involves the skin around the nipples.

Causes –

  • Some genes such as BRCA1, BRCA2 and CHEK2 can have mutations which can increase the chances of getting breast cancer.
  • Having this cancer in the family also increases the risk of the cancer.
  • Age also increases the chances of getting breast cancer.
  • Exposure to female hormones such as estrogen also leads to uncontrollable proliferation.
  • Obesity and alcohol consumption also increases the chances.
  • Radiation therapy in the chest for some other cancer such as lung cancer also increases the chances of getting breast cancer.

Symptoms –

  • New lump in the breast or the armpits.
  • Change in the size and shape of breasts.
  • Pain in the breast area.
  • Swollen and red skin around the nipples.
  • Discharge other than milk.

Diagnosis –

  • A physical examination which involves checking the breast or armpits for lumps.
  • Using imaging scans such as mammogram, ultrasound and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).
  • Doing blood tests which measure various proteins and fats can also be sued to identify the cancer.
  • Genetic tests to check for mutations in BRCA and TP53 gene cam confirm the cancer.
  • HER2 test which is the human epidermal growth receptor which is involved in the growth of cancer cells. This test is done to detect the excess of HER2.
  • Test for estrogen and progesterone tests can help in detecting the breast cancer. Excess of these hormones can signify that the patient has or has an increased chance of breast cancer.

Treatment –

  • Surgery –one of the type of the surgery are called as mastectomy which involves removal of the complete breast. Double mastectomy means removal of both the breasts. Another type is breast conserving surgery where only the tumor is removed and some cells surrounding the tumor are removed.
  • Chemotherapy – use of medications which are stop the growth of the cancer cells either by killing or shrinking the cells.

Doxilyd is one of the examples of chemotherapy and it is also known by the generic name Doxorubicin hydrochloride. And this injection is also used for the treatment of lung, bladder, ovarian, thyroid and stomach cancer.

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Docel is another chemotherapy medication which is also known by the generic name docetaxel. This tablet is also used for treating the prostate cancer, lung cancer and head and neck cancer.

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  • Radiation therapy – use of high energy beams to kill or shrink the cancer cells.
  • Target therapy – use of medications which target the specific factors of cells which promote cancerous cell proliferation. The various types of target therapy are – Monoclonal antibody which are immune system protein and these antibodies can attach to the cancer cells. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor which blocks the signals that influence cancer growth. PARP inhibitor blocks enzyme that cause DNA repair. CDK inhibitor are also a type which are given with hormone therapy.
  • Hormone therapy – also called as the endocrine therapy and it stops the growth of the tumor cells which are hormone sensitive.
  • Immunotherapy – use of medications which focus on the immune system and they strengthen the immune system to fight the cancerous cells.

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