Top 10 Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers in India to Elevate Your Inventory

Are you in search of high-quality wholesale silver gemstone jewelry suppliers in India to enhance your inventory? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 suppliers who offer exquisite silver gemstone jewelry at competitive wholesale prices. Elevate your collection with these trusted suppliers and attract more customers seeking elegant and timeless pieces.

The gemstone jewelry market in India is increasing, providing a wide range of possibilities for businesses looking to replenish their inventory with stunning pieces. The country has a great history of creating jewelry by combining traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Are you seeking reputable wholesale silver jewelry suppliers? This article contains a detailed list of the top 10 vendors in India who can assist you. These are high-quality products that retailers, online store owners, and designers can purchase.

925 Silver Shine

925 silver shine is dedicated to providing retailers with handcrafted wholesale silver gemstone jewelry that showcases exceptional artistry and attention to detail. Their one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to attract customers seeking unique and personalized jewelry items. Located in the center of the gemstone jewelry business, 925 Silver Shine is a prominent supplier of wholesale silver jewelry. They provide a variety of products, including sterling silver rings for men, sterling silver rings for women, and engagement gemstone rings. Their craftsmanship is impeccable, as they ensure that each piece is both gorgeous and long-lasting. For more information, visit

GemCo Designs

Gemco Designs is a well-known jewelry brand based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a large variety of sterling silver jewelry. They specialize in Women’s Gemstone Rings and modern silver anklets with stones, therefore their catalog contains a variety of designs that will appeal to your style or tastes. Their Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery is meticulously crafted, with every detail carefully considered.

KGK Group

KGK Group is a major operator in the gem and jewellery industry that has been around for almost a century. They provide a large selection of wholesale gemstone jewellery sets, which are primarily made up of precious stones mounted on Sterling silver bands. Because of its high quality and unique designs, this service is commonly chosen by numerous firms.

Amrapali Jewels

Amrapali Jewels is a high-end jewelry brand that also provides wholesale opportunities for businesses. They feature a collection of Gemstone Vintage Rings and Sterling Silver Rings Mens that are finely crafted and detailed. Take pride in mixing current Indian designs with traditional ones, resulting in jewelry that no one else can replicate. They are a supplier that specializes in enchanting and mystical silver gemstone jewelry. Their unique and otherworldly designs are perfect for retailers who want to cater to customers with a taste for the ethereal and unconventional.

Raj Jewels

Raj Jewels specializes in Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry and carries a variety of gorgeous pieces, like Sterling Silver Rings Heart and Sterling Silver Rings Adjustable. Each of their items is appropriate for both retail stores and online platforms since they provide versatility and elegance in each item. Raj Gems specializes in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry that exudes a traditional Indian charm. Their diverse collection includes rings, earrings, necklaces, and more, perfect for retailers catering to customers with a penchant for classic and culturally inspired jewelry pieces.

Gems Paradise

Gems Paradise, based in Jaipur, offers a variety of gemstone decorations, such as engagement sterling silver rings and gemstone vintage jewelry. The company commits to providing the highest quality goods at market competitive costs, making it the ideal partner for your business when you require supplies like these.

Gem Stone Impex

Gem Stone Impex, another leading silver jewelry supplier in India, sells many varieties of sterling silver jewelry throughout the country. They provide unique jewelry solutions, allowing businesses to cater to the needs of each individual customer. This wholesaler ensures that its silver 925 is made with precision, allowing it to last for a long time while remaining attractive.

RMC Gems

RMC Gems is an Indian firm that distributes wholesale gemstone beads in India, as well as a variety of other jewelry-making supplies. They also carry wholesale silver gemstone jewelry, which means that certain businesses may need this material to make high-quality things on their own. The steel used in jewelry making originates from reputable suppliers, ensuring high quality.

Shivam Jewelry

Shivam Jewels has a broad range of gemstone jewelry designs, including sterling silver bohemian jewelry and sterling silver western jewelry. They ensure that each of their items is gorgeous, distinctive, and meticulously created. They are wholesale jewelry dealers with whom you can do business with confidence due to their trustworthiness and high quality.

Ratna Sagar Jewels

Ratna Sagar Jewels provides businesses with a large assortment of handmade silver jewelry fashioned from precious stones, allowing clients to choose from a diverse selection. Their specialization is the manufacture of sterling silver gemstone jewelry as well as gems used in jewelry, so they have everything they need to make stunning pieces on hand. The company’s products are renown for their superior quality and visual appeal.

Why Choose 925 Silver Shine?

We at 925 Silver Shine are proud to be one of India’s leading suppliers of gemstone jewelry. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is clear. We offer a wide selection of jewelry options, from couple rings to engagement rings with stones, as well as other varieties such as gemstone engagement rings, to ensure that our clients have only the best options available on the market. When it comes to reasonable pricing while keeping high levels of craftsmanship, we’ve become one-stop shops for numerous businesses looking to expand their offerings.


A reliable wholesale silver gemstone jewelry provider is essential for the growth of your business. These vendors have good attributes such as competitive pricing, high-quality items, and exceptional service. The products supplied by these reputable manufacturers ensure that your store provides your consumers with the best diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a stone-encrusted ring or pendant, or a vintage-inspired gemstone piece, this list has it all. Consider those collections and use them to boost your firm by offering incredibly appealing luxury items.

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