How To Change Incorrect Name On Copa Air Ticket?

How To Change Incorrect Name On Copa Air Ticket?

Sometimes, in a hurry, passengers make spelling mistakes while entering their name on the flight ticket. However, they must be clear that having the wrong name on their air ticket can lead to an inconvenient travel experience. Therefore, correcting it before the departure time is the only solution. The Copa Airlines name change policy permits passengers to make necessary name modifications on their flight tickets. Through this guide, you will surely get obligatory information about the name change process, applicable fees, and more. Hence, go through all the sections comprehensively. 

Terms & Conditions To Request Name Change On Copa Airlines Ticket

Ensure that the name on your flight ticket must be identical to the name on your passport or government-approved documents. If not, you can request for Copa Airlines change name on ticket. However, considering the below-listed rules and regulations is obligatory. 

  • Travelers can request a name change only on the unused part of the flight. 
  • To initiate the procedure, you have to fill out the online name correction form. 
  • Passengers can alter up to three characters in their first/middle/last name. 
  • Moreover, the airline permits flyers to request name corrections through online and offline mediums. 
  • As per the policy, only one name modification is permitted. 
  • Travelers have to pay the name change fee whenever applied. 
  • To avoid fees, passengers can request a name change within 24 hours of booking. 
  • Additionally, complete name alteration and ticket transfer to another person is not permitted.

What Are The Types Of Name Correction Copa Airlines Permit? 

There may be various reasons why passengers request name alteration. Here are a few circumstances under which you can request Copa Airlines change name efficiently:

  • Inverted Names: If the name on the air ticket is completely reversed from the name mentioned on official documents, you have to request a name change. Ensure that your first and last names are mentioned accurately. 
  • Edit Or Remove A Name: You can add or remove your middle/last name to make it appear similar to what is written on your passport or any government-issued documents. 
  • Legal Name Change: Under the Copa Airlines name change policy, passengers can make name corrections due to legal reasons such as marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. Further, they have to provide the supporting official documents for verification. 
  • Typographical Mistakes: The airline permits flyers to correct minor spelling/typographical mistakes before their scheduled departure. 

What Documents Are Needed For Copa Airlines Name Change?

To smoothly complete the Copa Airlines change name on ticket procedure, you have to present the legal documentation. Moreover, the document’s requirements may differ based on the different types of name change request. Here are a few accepted identification documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Government-Approved Identification Card
  • Court Orders in case of name correction due to legal reasons
  • Other legal documents such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc

Various Mediums To Request Name Correction On Copa Airlines

The airline doesn’t permit you to transfer your ticket to someone else. However, you are allowed to make the necessary name change considering the applied terms and conditions. 

Under the Copa Airlines change name policy, you can use any of the following modes to make name amendments. 

Approach 1: Correct Name Via Website 

Complete the name change/correction process online by going through the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Go to the official Copa Airlines website first. 
  • Then, head to the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Afterward, input the needed booking details, including the booking reference code and last name. 
  • Next, go to the Profile bar and click on the “Edit” option. 
  • Once the process is completed, pay the Copa Airlines change name on ticket fee, if needed. 
  • Lastly, choose the “Submit” button. 

Approach 2: Use Customer Support Helpline Number

The simplest way to make name alteration is to get in touch with the airline’s live person and get direct assistance. 

  • Foremost, dial the airline’s customer support staff number 1 786 840 COPA. Or, +1-800-865-1848, the travel experts hotline, for instant response.
  • Follow the IVR directions attentively to connect with the live agent. 
  • Once connected, explain your reason for initiating name correction/change.
  • Further, provide the required and necessary reservation details, such as your confirmation number and last name. 
  • Present all the obligatory supporting official documents whenever asked. 
  • Ensure that you provide accurate information to avoid any type of trouble. 
  • Next, pay the name modification fees, if required. 
  • Lastly, the agent will notify you through email or SMS. 

Approach 3: At The Airport 

As per the Copa Airlines name change policy, you can visit the airport to make necessary name corrections on your flight ticket. Head towards the following steps to hassle-freely conclude the process: 

  • Head to your nearest airport first. 
  • Secondly, go to the help desk or ticket counter to communicate with the airline’s officials. 
  • Now, inform the agent why you want to request a name modification. 
  • Further, give the booking credentials and needed official documents for validation. 
  • Afterward, pay the applied name change cost. 
  • Finally, wait for the confirmation regarding the name alteration request. 

How Much Does Copa Airlines Charge For Name Correction? 

Interestingly, in some circumstances, Copa Airlines permits name modification for free. Suppose you are traveling with Economy classic, Economy full, Business Full Classes, or Economy Flex, you can make name changes for free at one time. However, you have to pay approximately $50 as a Copa Airlines change name on ticket fee for basic fare if you have booked a ticket from the airline. 


Copa Airlines name change policy enables you to make required corrections. But you need to be aware that you are not allowed to make a name change without submitting the official documents. Moreover, a name correction cannot be requested after departure. If you have any type of issues or doubts, you can head to the official Copa Airlines website or get in touch with its customer support staff at 1 786 840 COPA. Alternatively, contact the flight experts at +1-800-865-1848 to get precise directions and instant support.

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