Facts to Prove the Worth of a Higher Studies MBA in Ireland

Facts to Prove the Worth of a Higher Studies MBA in Ireland

Imagine your higher education journey in a country known for its thinkers and doers. A place where innovative minds and go-getters carve out their futures. A nation strategically positioned in close proximity to European giants like Germany, France, and the United Kingdom and is witnessing a surge in popularity among international students with over 245,000 of them pursuing their higher academic dreams in 2024, recognized globally for its excellence.   

We welcome you to Ireland – one of the best European countries to study abroad. But why all the buzzes? Well, Ireland doesn’t just claim to boast one of the world’s premier education systems; it actually lives up to the hype. The country also hosts some of the world’s top-ranked universities, making it a favored destination for higher studies. So let us uncover some mind-blowing facts on why Ireland is not just a place on the map but an ultimate destination for your higher education aspirations. Moreover, we will shed light on some of the popular courses along with leading universities and showcase their Admission criteria as well.

Quick Facts Related to Higher Studies MBA in Ireland

A treasure for connoisseurs and famous for its gorgeous and diverse landscapes, Ireland is better known as Emerald Isle. Let us uncover some more facts like this related to higher education in Ireland.

1. Women-Centric Study Destination

Did you know that in a male-dominated world, Ireland is one of the very few countries with more than 54% of female international students in its universities? This strengthen the fact that the majority of female students prefer Ireland over other study destinations.

2. Welcomes Majority of Students from Developed Countries

Might be surprising right? While you were expecting the majority of international students from second and third-world countries like India, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc., but because of its top-notch higher education at affordable cost and great career prospects with up to 2 years post study work visa in Ireland, the majority of international students flocking to Ireland are from developed countries like the United States, Great Britain, Malaysia, etc.

3. Known Worldwide for its Deep Literary Culture

With a centuries-old literary heritage in English Language, Ireland has produced some of the greatest writers in the world. From the heart-touching writings of Oscar Wilde to the Nobel prize-winning verse of Seamus Heaney, Ireland’s world-class education system has given countless intellectual literary giants to the world.

4. Boasts Top Global Universities

If we look at the statistics and ranking listed in the QS World University Ranking 2024, Eight of the Irish Universities have been recognized as the Top Global Universities with Trinity College, Dublin as the highly regarded university among international students.

5. Peaceful Country of the World

In a war-torn world, where international students face disruptions and are forced to leave their studies midway, Ireland emerges as the 3rd most peaceful country in the world just behind Iceland and Denmark, according to the Vision of Humanity Index.

Leading Irish Universities for Higher Education

We believe it’s the students that add value to a university! Here we present to you a curated list of all the highly ranked Irish universities as per QSWR 2024 which takes factors like academic reputation, international research prospects, post-study employment prospects, etc. into consideration and ranks accordingly.

University NameWorld Ranking as per QSWR 2024
Trinity College – Dublin81st
University College Dublin171st
University of Galway289th
University College Cork292nd
University of Limerick426th
Dublin City University436th

Popular Courses to Study in Ireland

As we uncovered the facts and rankings of the Irish universities that add to the charm of studying in Ireland, let us check out some of the popular courses to earn a degree in!

  • Business Analytics
  • Computer and Data Science
  • Investment Banking and Finance
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Engineering and Construction

Apart from these, an MBA in Ireland stands as a promising study field with the option of a 1-year degree as well. Additionally, companies like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Google, Microsoft, etc. offer lucrative salary packages to graduates from Irish Universities. Isn’t that amazing?

Admission Requirements for International Students

Your dreams of an exciting educational adventure into an Irish university become a nightmare if you don’t understand the admission criteria as per your chosen course and university. Need not worry, to make this ride smooth here’s the checklist of commonly required admission prerequisites for MBA in Ireland.

Academic Records

Provide 10th/12th Marksheets for undergraduate courses or Bachelor’s degree transcripts for Master’s programs.

  • Language Proficiency

Proof of your English skills with an English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE (if mandatory).

  • Statement of Purpose

Craft a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) outlining your academic and career aspirations.

  • Identification Documents

Submit a copy of your passport for verification of your identity.

  • Visa Validation

Include a copy of your visa, ensuring your legal status for studying in Ireland.

  • Letter of Recommendation

Get at least two Letters of Recommendation (LORs) attesting to your capabilities.

For any extra or specific requirements, check your university’s website and ensure that you have all the details for a seamless application process.
As a wrap, we totally agree with the fact that Ireland isn’t just a top-ranked country in global innovation, quality of living, happiness, and education index – it is also a place where the party never stops! Then, Apart from just textbooks, one can be part of famous festivals and enjoy the vibes of the Dublin Film Festival, the Galway Food Festival, the Cork Summer Festival to the Galway Arts Festival, where you get a chance to taste every genre of film, arts, music, and food.

For crucial details such as the cost of studying, part-time job opportunities, and MBA in Ireland, seeking guidance from an overseas education consultant is a wise move. Their expertise can be your compass in navigating a successful transition into a country that gifted the world – the enchanting Halloween festival.

To summarize, enrolling in a master’s program in Ireland provides access to top-notch academic resources and good research opportunities. Therefore, It also positions Indian students in a society that is renowned for its innovation and high standard of living. Visit one of the best international educational consultants in your area to learn more about the specifics of the admissions procedure, visa requirements, and intake time.

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