7 Ways to Play Monopoly Online With Friends (2024)

Most of the classic board games, which people have played for hundreds of years, all have a second life online in today’s digital day. Friends can challenge and relegate one another from anywhere on the globe. Well, Monopoly is, of course, included in the timeless strategy, luck, and financial acumen gameplay. With the advent of various platforms, it’s easier than ever to play Monopoly online, bringing the excitement and competition of this beloved game into the comfort of your home. The internet has it all, whether you want to relive childhood memories, engage in friendly competition, or sharpen your property management skills. This article covers seven fantastic ways to enjoy this classic game online with friends in 2024.

Top 7 Ways to Play Monopoly Online With Friends

1. Fun88

Online Live Casino Games on Fun88 combine all the classic features with the excitement of betting on the games as they happen. The platform allows you to play Monopoly online. Stake up to 10,000X in a single bet here, and every purchase of property or roll of the dice could pay off. This platform is perfect for those looking to add a bit of gambling experience to their game night.

2. Official Monopoly App by Hasbro

The app delivers a slick environment, but with an official Monopoly app from Hasbro, you also get a genuine gaming experience. Play through the game just as you would on the board, moving from Mediterranean Avenue to Boardwalk as you buy, sell, and scheme your way to victory against friends or challenging AI. With customisable rules and various board themes, this app ensures your gaming experience is both nostalgic and fresh.

3. Pogo.com 

Pogo brings you a free yet slightly altered version of Monopoly, which you can enjoy playing against folks worldwide. It’s perfect for people who still revel in the game’s old-time charm but would like some new twists in the rules. Through an intuitive interface, people of all ages can start playing immediately without hesitation and develop their own real estate empire.

4. Tabletop Simulator

Much more than Monopoly, Tabletop Simulator offers over 30,000 games in the virtual tabletop, yet its Monopoly mod is one of the favourites. This is a very flexible platform with a chance to change even the game’s rules to fit your group of players. It’s as close as you can to playing the board game on your computer.

5. Rento Fortune 

Rento Fortune is a Monopoly-type game on various web, mobile, and console platforms. It adds auctions to the old classic. Cross-platform support makes playing with friends a cinch and attracts those willing to extend their property portfolios.

6. Monopoly Plus on Game Consoles

Monopoly Plus brings the classic city board to life with an animated, beautiful 3D city at the centre of the board. Available on most game consoles, it offers a rich experience as one can engage with the game. Playing with friends online is easy; it’s the best way to go for game nights, no matter where everyone lives.

7. Steam’s Monopoly 

There is a Monopoly board game offered on a PC, which is downloadable from Steam, as it has the offered game through their digital distribution. It is meant to be played with multiple players, so it is open to inviting friends over to play a Monopoly game virtually. With Steam’s community features, finding friends to play with and starting a game has become very easy.

Final Thoughts

Playing Monopoly online with friends in 2024 offers a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern convenience. Whether you prefer the classic game on the official app, the excitement of an online live casino game on platforms like Fun88, or the versatility of games like Rento Fortune and Tabletop Simulator, there’s something out there for everyone. These platforms keep Monopoly’s essence alive and enhance it with new features, making every game night a unique adventure. So gather your friends, pick a platform, and start building your real estate empire from the comfort of your home.

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