What Is The Role Of Semen In The Concept Of Sperms And How Are Semen Samples Checked?

There is a major role of sperms in the female’s conception. During intercourse, semen is released or discharged in the female’s vagina. This semen has uncountable sperms in it. One must be wondering then why do the sperms occur in the fluid. It is because of the sensitivity of the sperms. Sperms could only flourish in the atmosphere in which the semen fluid can provide. The semen fluid gives an environment to the sperms to thrive and flourish. Despite this, sperms could not accomplish the target of fertilizing an egg that accounts for male infertility. Male infertility is diagnosed through numerous tests in IVF centers in Punjab.

How does the Semen examination take place?

Semen examination takes place when one visits an IVF center. A male has to masturbate and discharge or ejaculate semen in the sterile jar provided by the doctor. Sometimes masturbation can not be conducive. In such cases, couples are asked to provide the semen sample in an unusual or specialized condom after having intercourse.

How to weigh up your semen examination report?

Then comes the semen examination report. The semen examination report is the sum of all the attributes and features of sperm:

  • Semen discharge measure

Semen discharge measure is an indispensable attribute of the conception. But if owing to any reason semen discharge measure is not adequate then one is facing a complication or infection. Usually, semen discharge should measure from 2 to 5 ml per intercourse. If it is not so then one of the following reasons may be accountable:

  • Once in a while it happens, that couples captivate in recurring intercourse. That becomes the reason for the male partner lessening the volume of discharge.
  • It is also a case that there is an absence of hormones responsible for producing sperms.
  • The collection might be a problem. It relates to the fact the semen fluid produced in different organs is not collected and what comes up with an incomplete semen fluid.
  • Sperm Count and Concentration

Sperm count and concentration should be high for increasing the chances of conception. If the sperm count is not adequate, then the fertilization process could become a problem. There are three kinds of cases based on the concentration of sperms:

  • Spermatozoa – 15 millions sperm per milliliter
  • Oligospermia – Lower than 15 millions sperms per milliliter
  • Azoospermia – In case of no sperms

Final Thoughts

Infertility in male can emerge owing to numerous problems related to sperms. It may be a problem regarding frequent engagements in the intercourse or it may be because of irrelevant gesticulation of sperms. To examine the cause of infertility in males, semen samples are diagnosed. In case any of the readers are facing any problem regarding infertility they must book a consultation with a gynecologist or a midwife. Because it is always recommended to take consultation with fertility experts 2 to 4 months before the fertility procedure.

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