How to Get More Views on Instagram Story?

Introduction Instagram Stories have become a popular way to share quick photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. With over 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day, it’s a great place to connect with your audience and grow your followers.

But with so many Stories getting posted, how do you make sure yours get viewed? Here are the 7 best tips to get more views on your Instagram Stories.

#1: Post at Peak Times
Posting when your followers are most active on Instagram is key to getting more views. The prime times are:

  • Weekday Mornings (7 AM – 9 AM): People check their phones first thing in the morning.
  • Weekday Lunch Hour (11 AM – 2 PM): People browse Instagram when they take a break from work.
  • Evenings (7 PM – 9 PM): People wind down and check social media before bed.

You may notice some variability depending on your followers’ time zones, but in general, these are the windows you should aim for.

#2: Go Live
Instagram Lives show up at the top of followers’ feeds when you start broadcasting. And the red “Live” badge will catch their attention.

Going Live gives followers a reason to tune in right away. Even if they miss it, they can watch the replay of your Live Story for the next 24 hours.

#3: Use Popular Stickers and Effects Stickers, effects, polls, emoji slider, and location stickers can make your Stories more eye-catching.

When you use the same effects and filters that are popular on Instagram, it helps your Story blend in more with the content followers are used to seeing. This makes them more likely to view and engage with your Story.

#4: Cross-Promote with Feed Posts
Don’t keep your Instagram Stories isolated from the rest of your channel. Re-share Stories as feed posts so followers who missed it can catch up.

And when sharing new feed posts, tease that followers can “see more behind the scenes on my Story!” Cross-promotion works to boost views across Instagram.

#5: Engage with Your Audience Reply to everyone who responds to your Instagram Stories, whether that’s comments, questions, voting in polls or using emojis.

Showing followers that you notice and appreciate their responses by engaging makes them more excited to interact next time you post a Story.

#6: Use Strategic Stickers
Some stickers are specifically designed to boost views. For example, the “See Next” sticker teases upcoming content to pique viewers’ curiosity.

The “Question” sticker prompts followers to submit questions for you to answer later. And the “Countdown” sticker builds anticipation for something exciting happening when the timer runs out.

#7: Follow Up with Past Stories
Hook viewers into watching your next Stories by referring back to previous ones.

Give updates by saying “Based on the responses from my last Story poll, it looks like more of you prefer X over Y…” Or do follow-up posts: “Last week I asked for advice about Z…here is the solution I went with.”

Instagram Stories promote authentic, real connections between accounts and their engaged followers. By posting during peak times, going Live, using interactive stickers, promoting your content, and consistently engaging your audience, you can maximize views and grow your follower base on Instagram.

Test out these 7 tips for boosting Instagram Story views! The more followers your content reaches, the bigger your community grows.

Additional Tips to Boost Instagram Story Views #8: Collaborate with Others
Work with influencers, relevant brands, or other businesses to cross-promote each other’s content and co-create Stories. This exposes your content to new audiences and builds connections in the industry.

Aim to partner up for takeovers, question prompts, polls, challenges, giveaways, or product launches. Make it enticing for both audiences by having the collab center around a theme, trending topic, new product, or questions tailored to each community.

#9: Make Stories Save -Worthy If a follower taps and holds on your Story, they have the option to save it to their own private Instagram collections. Aim for creative, helpful, funny, or beautiful Stories that viewers actually want to hold onto long-term.

When more people save your content as “Highlights” on your profile, it indicates your overall Stories provide value. Plus, anyone who visits your profile can discover and view those Highlights later on.

#10: Use Leverage Trending Sounds
Instagram’s music library offers thousands of popular songs and sounds people can add to Stories. When you leverage sounds and songs that are going viral on social media, it makes your content more discoverable and relatable.

Aim to ride wave of trending sounds and connect your niche, brand voice, or perspective to music and audio clips followers are engaging with at the moment on Instagram Stories.

#11: Promote Your Best Stories
Not all content deserves equal real estate on your Instagram profile. After 24 hours, have your best Stories that received high engagement, views, saves, etc. expire as Highlights rather than disappear forever.

This curates an ongoing display of your top, evergreen Stories right on your profile for new visitors to discover when they land on your page. Float your best, most helpful Stories to continually get views.

#12: Make Your Stories Shoppable
Have you unlocked shopping capabilities for your brand or business? Add stickers that allow viewers to instantly shop featured products right within your Instagram Stories.

This provides immense value, as followers don’t have to leave Instagram to shop relevant items. The convenience and direct path to purchase increases engagement, conversion rates, and the appeal of watching your content.

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