There was a time when strength, durability and picnob sustenance were linked to Iron, post Industrialization and the advent of companies and manufacturing units on a larger scale, and with the recognition of steel as a break-resistant, moisture resistant and pest-resistant material, impact has been on the usage of English grammar also. As strong as iron now popularly came to be known as strong as steel. When we think of steel we usually think of building materials as shown in fancy advertisements by multinational giant companies, or even steel wires but when I think of steel I think of my mother’s kitchen the number of times the utensils have hit the floor but continue to serve their purpose with utmost durability.  

“But the best part about steel that makes it popular apart from its strength, durability and moisture repulsion properties is the eco-friendly fact that steel can be recycled again and again to recreate new products out of the old ones, it is just that they have to be heated to very high temperatures so that the melting can happen and later on the solidification” explained the manager at one of the best steel distributor and one of the most experienced steel distributors in Ludhiana. 

Given below are a few fun interesting facts about the steel industry which have been presented to the reader after detailed research 

  1. More than 90% of the steel that is bought from malls, multi-national stores and companies is usually recycled. Because steel is an alloy which is a mix of many metals together that have all lent their special characteristics and created a new fusion. The first evidence of recycling steel was when steel was taken from construction sites by poor and labour-class working people and then it was segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable or scrap which was then processed accordingly. 
  2. Steel is a lot more times elastic than rubber, steel can bounce back to its original shape after having lost its original shape. 
  3. Though the majority of people know steel as one of the boons of industrialization, historians have gathered evidence that steel was invented near Anatolia in 1800 BC. 
  4. The earliest drawbacks of steel were that it was not chip resistant and also that steel produced a pungent aftertaste that left after it had come in contact with vinegar and lemon, which then led to the improvisation of steel which led to evlwendz the birth of more than 3500 varieties of steel and more in counting. 
  5. “One of the major USPs of steel is that steel is anti-rust-resistant and anti-corrosion resistant which is why it is widely used in constructions, laboratories and kitchens but one thing we all need to understand is that steel wires can corrode or rust, when the same brush is used for finishing and making plain surfaces, also with the introduction of chemicals that strip away the oxide layer of the steel metal” explained one of the providers of high-speed steel in Punjab.

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