The Sims 4: 12 Cheapest Items In The Game

These cheap things can be bought by any Sims 4 player.

The Sims 4 is a game where players can design and build the luxury, up-to-date homes of their dreams. It’s too bad that not all Sims have an endless bank account. This is especially true for people who like to play Rags to Riches or Sims who build homes that need work. Players are lucky that there are many cheap and free choices to choose from.

Expansion packs like City Living, Cats & Dogs, and Discover University have a lot of cheap things. It may be tempting to buy these things because they are cheap, but they are less reliable. They need to be fixed more often. When cheap items are used in a Sim’s home, they can also get mood boosts that make them feel bad. This is a list of the cheapest things in The Sims 4 build/buy mode that you can use when you have no other choices.

The Yum Cooker (Used) – $235

The Yum Cooker (Used) is the cheapest stove in the game

The Sims 4: City Living added a lot of cheap housing choices, like flats and penthouses, for players and their Sims who don’t have a lot of money. People who are tight on cash might be happy with The Yum Cooker (Used) for 235 simoleons, as an example. It has some dents and dings and some buttons are missing, but it’s clear that it’s been loved. It works too!

By buying a slightly used version, players save 40% off the original Yum Cooker from the base game material, which costs 400 simoleons. Yes, you have to give up some food quality and dependability, but it can work without the power grid and uses little power.

Crisponix Budget Dee-Lux (Used) – $215

The Crisponix Budget Dee-Lux Used fridge is one of the cheapest items in the game

The Crisponix Budget Dee-Lux (Used) refrigerator, which costs 215 simoleons, is another great choice for a cheap City Living apartment. It might sound like a lot of money since it doesn’t have any shelves, drawers, or paint on it. No matter how cheap it is, this fridge does a good job of keeping food cold. It’s good that players can still use it to cook all of the game’s recipes.

The base game Crisponix Budget Dee-Lux without a cooler usually costs 375 simoleons, so players should think about getting it for 160 simoleons less, even if it means the fridge breaks more often and the food inside goes bad faster.

Craft Toilet – $55

The Craft Toilet is the cheapest toilet in the game

Sims don’t have to use the 50-simoleon party plants from several DLC packs to go to the bathroom. They can switch out the scratchy sticks for a slightly more comfy toilet. The Craft Toilet can be made on the woodworking table for 55 simoleons by Sims who are good at being handy. Even though it’s cheap, the Craft Toilet is made of dark wood and seems to be pretty stable.

This toilet’s value doubles after it’s made, which is good news because Sims can sell it for a profit and get better toilets.

Country Cottage Dining Chair – $15

The Country Cottage Dining Chair is the cheapest chair in the game

This Country Cottage Dining Chair is only 15 simoleons for a good reason. It looks like it was put together with old nails and a few odd pieces of rotten firewood. This chair is so bad that even Goldilocks would not sit on it.

This chair is useful for some things, even if it doesn’t look very good. Sometimes, furniture that looks older fits better with the stories of the players and lets makers make designs that are more rustic and unique. It looks like it would go well with the Horse Ranch expansion’s Western-style things. Maybe this chair is an old one that means a lot to you.

Bunny Book Sandwich BookEnds – $10

The Bunny Book Sandwich BookEnds by Hare Care Products Inc. is one of the cheapest items in the game

This item is a great deal. The Bunny Book Sandwich BookEnds, which costs 10 Simulacash and is made up of two bow-tied bunnies, can be used as a bookcase. They make it easy to get to the same books as the most expensive bookcase in Geometry Dash Subzero.

This Cottage Living furniture was made by Hare Care Products Inc., according to its item description. It looks great in any living room or study, and it helps players get the cottage core vibe just right for their builds. It might also make a great Bunny Day present for a Sim who loves reading.

Pile Of The Sims Daily – $10

The Pile of the Sims Daily is the cheapest rug in the game (if you can count it as a rug)

Now this one doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Cats & Dogs expansion pack’s “Pile Of The Sims Daily” can be bought for 10 simoleons. The title says it all: a stack of newspapers that can be used as the game’s cheapest rug. It says in the “buy” mode description that it can also be used as a “potty” for pets, but it doesn’t work for these reasons.

Players can choose between a fresh stack of newspapers and a number of used ones. It seems like a lot of money to pay for a stack of old newspapers that have been peed on.

Ball! Ball! – $5

All of these pet toys can be purchased for a measly five simoleons

Right now, it’s almost hard to find cheap pet toys that will last a long time. When you play The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, any ball or chew toy costs only 5 simoleons. Even better, they are made of materials that break down naturally. This does mean that the toys will need to be changed when they are all broken, but they are very cheap, so it’s easy to buy them.

There are many Ball! Ball! toys to choose from, or you can get loud toys like the burger, unicorn of bird. As of late, cats and dogs have been left out in the dark by additions. It’s important to take care of and spoil Sim pets. Plus, they have no idea how much their toys cost.

Yummy? Synthetic Food Rug – $5

The Yummy? Synthetic Food Rug is the cheapest clutter item in the game

This item in the buy mode looks a little off. The tasty? In The Sims 4: City Living, the Synthetic Food Rug is a group of plastic food scraps that can be used to decorate kitchen floors. The 5 simoleon price tag on this item says it’s supposed to look “scrumptious,” but it doesn’t.

This food rug could be useful for players who want to make a fixer-upper with a dirty kitchen and a dirty teen’s room. But it costs less than the rug with the pee on it. People who are poor in Sims can buy this rug to make their world better.

Chute Chute – The Trash Chute – $0

Chute Chute - The Trash Chute is FREE in The Sims 4

People who play The Sims can throw away everything but their money with the Chute Chute – Trash Chute. It’s free in buy mode. This trash chute from The Sims 4: Discover University was made for college dorm rats, but it can be attached to the walls of any building. Sims will never have to take their trash outside again.

There are some bad things about having this free trash chute. Trash can sometimes get stuck in the chute, so Sims has to fix it or call a repair service in order to use it again. Luckily, the item can be improved to make it less likely that it will get stuck.

Scratches On The Wall – $0

The Scratches On The Wall

It’s fair that Sims don’t need to use any of their simoleons to buy Scratches On The Wall in the art and posters section of the shop. Cats and dogs in The Sims 4 were made to look very real by the people who worked on the game. They act (and don’t act) just like real-life animal friends.

If a cat isn’t trained or is just plain bored, it might scratch furniture. People who have bad kittens might choose to show off their training scars in their homes or flats. It can also give any house a “distressed, urban chic” look.

Ye Olde Personalized Pub Memorabilia – $0

The Ye Olde Personalized Pub Memorabilia decorative item is FREE in The Sims 4

There is a free sign that can make Sims look smart if their walls look a bit empty and dull. When you’re in “buy mode,” the Ye Olde Personalized Pub Memorabilia is marked as wall art. This item from Discover University is made to look like a framed college diploma. Its art style is similar to that of younger Sims games.

As the ad says, this item can also be used to decorate bars and clubs. It would look great with the tribute to the famous Paddy’s Pub from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” that is in the game. It’s a conversation starter that shows who the owner is or tells their story.

Construction-Quality Concrete – $0

The Construction-Quality Concrete is a FREE flooring in The Sims 4

In build mode, walls and floors cost a lot of money, so players don’t always have the money to paint, wallpaper, or lay floors. Drywall and Construction-Quality Concrete floors are great, and they’re free for all Sims. It might not be the most stylish or comfy floor, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Construction-Quality Concrete can be used as a sidewalk or path outside of Sims’ homes as well. When using concrete to decorate, players can flip tiles, hold down the Shift key to cover the whole room, or press Ctrl and F to cover a quarter of the room.

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