Nighthawk AC1900 Modem Router: User Guide

cNetgear Nighthawk modem routers work to provide internet services in your home. This networking device is easy to connect with any router, hub or switch. It is simple to install with straight forward steps that are written in this informative article. Here, we will discuss full setup guide of AC1900 modem router. So, why are you waiting, let’s dive into these paragraphs, which contains the information of the Netgear AC1900 setup.

Unpacking Modem Router

  • The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 modem router new package box contains many usable things which are listed below.
  • The box contains a main modem router unit.
  • An Ethernet cable to connect with any other networking device like router or switch.

In the box you also will find a power cord or adaptor, which you must use to supply electricity to the main unit.

Now, have a look what a Netgear modem router provides you in its hardware.

Hardware Specifications

This section is consists of the two more sub sections that contains information about front view and back view of the modem router.

Front View

  1. On the front of the cable modem, you got Several LED and buttons.
  2. There is power LED that blinks green and red colors, the green color indicates power is supplied to the modem.
  3. Red color indicates issues like thermal cutoff, device is heating and other warnings.
  4. Downstream LED indicates the status of the downstream channels.
  5. Upstream LED light shows the upstream channel status.
  6. To make sure your internet is up and running, the Internet LED helps you to get the mentioned status, which is on the front.
  7. There is also an Ethernet LED that indicates the Ethernet port is connected and powered on.
  8. You will also see two buttons on the front of the unit; WiFi On/Off button and WPS button.

Back View

  1. On the back of the Modem router, you will find several Ethernet ports that help to link it any other networking device.
  2. Down from the LAN ports, you will see coaxial cable connector.
  3. There is a reset button as well, which you can use to factory reset the modem router.
  4. Under the reset button, you will find a power adaptor input port that is used to supply power to the modem router.

This is what Netgear modem router hardware contains on the front and back side. Now, let’s have a look how you can install the AC1900 modem in your home.

How You can Setup AC1900 Modem Router?

This section also consists of some short sub sections that help you in the installation of Netgear modem router.

Position It On Optimal Spot

The first step to start the setup process, you have to place it on an optimal location, far away from the electronic devices. The spot of the networking device should be in the center of that area, where you operate your internet device most of the time.

Connect Cables to Modem

Now, connect it to a power wall socket with the help of Power cord. Just connect it in the power input port of the modem router. Then, to turn up the internet service, you have to connect a coaxial cable to the WAN port of the modem and connect the other end to the internet service port in your home.

Activate Internet Service

After turning on the internet service in your home, you have to activate the internet feature by logging into the interface of the router. Just connect your computer to the modem via LAN cable. Then open up your browser and search routerlogin.net. The computer screen will take you to the login page. Enter the user details or credentials. And you will get in to the interface.

You have to make sure the above-written steps is followed correctly, if not then you can face problems like Nighthawk AC1900 modem router drops WiFi or modem not working.

End Lines

In this informative article, you have read how to complete the Netgear Nighthawk modem router. All the steps that included hardware specifications and unpacking the modem router that help you setup your modem. We are hoping you have installed your AC1900 networking device with ease by the help of this article.

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