Genshin Impact: 10 Great Story Quest Moments

The most shocking parts of Genshin Impact are here!

There are lots of things that happen in Genshin Impact, and you’ve made fun and happy moments in it. There are a lot of shocking events and upsetting findings in the archon tasks. The story quests also have a lot of shocks that are based on the story. That’s why you can only fight certain weekly bosses after completing certain story tasks.

But not every story quest will lead you to bad things. You can learn more about Teyvat’s history through these story tasks, but you can also get to know the character you’re hanging out with better. There were some nice shocks in this that made you think differently about a character.

Stanley’s Story – Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land

Stanley claiming to be a great explorer and legend of Mondstadt to Venti, Traveler, Paimon, and Jack in Genshin Impact

Venti is fun to be with, but his first story quest shows that he still cares about Mondstadt and its people. If you remember Stanley from Mondstadt, he liked to make up stories about fun things he did.

Venti thought this was odd, and you realized Stanley was telling lies about what he said.

He wasn’t remembering his own story, and his name isn’t even Stanley. Hans is his real name, and the real Stanley died in the windless Mare Jivare.

Venti uses his skills to help Stanley’s soul cross over by telling Hans who he really is. After many years, the real Stanley is finally laid to rest.

A Treasure Hunt for Nothing – Secret Pirate Treasure

Genshin Impact - Kaeya, Paimon, Traveler

It’s okay, you bought Kaeya’s act that she had a pirate for a grandma. You were excited to find wealth until you found out that he was using you to catch a well-known wealth Hoarder.

Kaeya isn’t the clearest character, but you were probably swayed by his charms.

Even if you weren’t sure, you had to check out this gem he was talking about. Every prize has its own value, so if you kept the Harbinger of Dawn you got from this story quest, it might not have been all for nothing.

The Sword Can Talk – A Strange and Friendless Road

Kazuha reforging the Kagotsurube Isshin from Genshin Impact

Kazuha has a history that comes back to haunt her. He ran away from the ruler and disobeyed her. The story of Kazuha’s quest became about an aware, cursed blade just when you thought he was going to find peace.

A sword being cursed is one thing, but a sword that thinks for itself? That’s something even stranger.

The Kagotsurube Isshin was made by Kazuha’s grandfather, and all it wanted to do was go back to Kaedehara. Kazuha gave it its mind so that it could teach him Isshin Art, but it cost it its awareness.

Yoimiya Can See Aranara – Star-Pickers’ Passage

Yoimiya from Genshin Impact talking to Aranara Arapurva in her second story quest

Instead, the aranara didn’t run away when Yoimiya was around. But they didn’t hide either, Arapurva said. They wouldn’t have shown up to the Traveler if they knew they were with someone other than Paimon.

In the end, Arapurva confirms that she has a pure heart, and only children and people with a pure heart can meet Aranara.

It was only for Avin, a sad and sick girl, that Yoimiya wanted to see the aranara in Snake Game. There was a nice and touching surprise when the aranara showed itself to Yoimiya. It’s a story exchange we won’t forget any time soon.

Teucer Making it Into Liyue – Mighty Cyclops’ Adventure!

Teucer Visiting Childe in Genshin Impact

An exciting story quest from Tartaglia. As Childe tried to hide his job from Teucer, you probably laughed out loud a lot. You also held your breath as he fought several Ruin Graders in his Foul Legacy form. But the most shocking thing about this story quest is how Teucer got into Liyue.

You don’t understand how Teucer got on a boat with bags of money and was not hurt at all. You’ve fought many dark creatures and hilichurls across the many nations of Teyvat, but this kid made it safely to Liyue? Or it’s possible that Celestia and the Heavenly Principles really do dislike you.

The Existence of a Dendro Dragon – Homecoming

Apep the Dendro Dragon from Genshin Impact

Not many people knew that dendro dragons existed. At least until you and Nahida found a group of talking mushrooms and realized they weren’t just any angry mushrooms, but rather creatures that used to live inside the Dendro Dragon.

You were shocked by how big the Dendro Dragon was. I know Apep can be hard to fight without nurses, but all you were doing was cleaning and fighting his heart. This creature lived a long time before the gods came, which adds to the story of Genshin Impact.

Albedo Hinting At Something Sinister – Traveler Observation Report

Genshin Impact Albedo in Dragonspine

Albedo isn’t like most people, and the way he was born will make you question whether he is someone at all. Besides that, he was a calm person who liked drawing scenes and people and playing around with chemistry in Dragonspine.

You must have been shocked when he asked, “Can I count on you to stop me if I lose control one day and destroy Mondstadt and everything else?” There are still many things we don’t know about Albedo, and we hope he never does lose control.

Makoto’s Last Message for Ei – Transient Dreams

Ei talking to Makoto for the last time in Genshin Impact

You and Ei went back in time to plant the Sacred Sakura. When you go back in time to plant a tree that has been there since you got to Inazuma, it’s amazing and changes your view of reality.

You see a sweet moment between Ei and Makoto just before Makoto disappears for good.

People have a lot to say about this scene. One question is why Ei’s memory was changed along with everyone else’s if she placed the tree? What kind of thing could have been planted in the past by someone from the future? Perhaps it’s because time has stopped in Ei’s land. But if time is frozen, how can a tree grow?

The Death of Havria, The Goddess of Salt – Sal Flore

Zhongli telling the truth about Havria's death in Genshin Impact

You wouldn’t want to face the rock’s anger, especially if the God of Contracts is the one to punish you. Some people, though, can’t help but break the deal to get what they want.

You probably didn’t think Zhongli would do anything harsh, but when he told you what happened to Havria, you were shocked.

Don’t worry, you now know that Zhongli didn’t kill the goddess. But it makes me sick to think that the people Havria tried to protect killed her.

Azhdaha is The Overlord of the Geovishaps – No Mere Stone

Azhdaha Beyond A Magical Field Created By Pillars in Genshin Impact

People who have lived for three thousand years can hold grudges. Zhongli’s second story quest was earth-shattering. It was shocking to learn that Azhdaha was the Overlord of the Geovishaps. It’s also sad to think that this dragon used to be Zhongli’s friend before he died of rust.

At the beginning of this quest, you and Zhongli were looking for workers who had gone missing. Instead, you found and fought a friend who had been locked away for a long time. Who would have thought that your search party would find a dragon sleeping? You or Paimon would not have guessed what it was.

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