9 Games Allow Players To Play As Furniture

Not every video game needs to be very amazing; sometimes games are good enough if they let players play as furniture.

People can do and be things in video games that they could never do or be in real life. Most of the time, this means something very strange, like becoming powerful or going to a dream world. Other times it’s something normal or a little strange, like becoming furniture.

Combining something so ordinary with other gaming elements is key to making it interesting. For example, you could add a sneaking element or make it necessary to change into something so ordinary to finish a goal.

PropHunt GMod

Seeker examining a wooden crate that may be someone from the Prop team.

Gaary’s Mod, also known as GMod, is an open game where players can do anything they want. GMod has built a big community of player-made content and game types using a version of Valve’s source engine. PrimHunt is one of the best-known game modes. People who play PropHunt are split into two groups: Seekers and Props.

The people on the prop team have 30 seconds to look around the map and change into any prop they see, such as a table, chair, shelf, or other object. The players on the seeker team have to use the tools they have to find and kill the players on the prop team. People who are Seekers lose health when they attack things that aren’t players.


Player using Killer Maddy about to attack Survivors hidden as Props

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to mix GMod’s PropHunt with Dead by Daylight, a shared survival horror game? Propnight is the only one you need to look for. It takes parts from both games and puts them together in a less bloody but still pretty creepy online game. The rules are easy to understand, and fans of either series will be able to pick it up quickly.

While one player tries to find them, the other players look around the map and try to blend in with any props they can find. There are no longer Props and Seekers, though. Now there are Survivors and Killers, and each has unique skills that they can use to win the game.

Fortnite Prop Hunt

Player playing on Prop Hunt Office Space map

Fortnite isn’t just for people who like battle royale or survival games. It’s also for people who like to be artistic and see how far they can go in the game. When you play Fortnite in Creative Mode, you get your own island that you can build on. You can also invite your friends to join your island and play. They can also use public codes to talk to other people in the community islands.

Prop Hunt is one of the most popular types of maps in Creative Mode, and there are a ton of islands with different styled Prop Hunt games to pick from. Epic Games will add maps that people are most interested in to their Creative Welcome Hub and market those maps. A Home Alone-themed Prop Hunt island by Marablind is one of the newest ones that has been advertised. The number for the island is 1468-8833-8480.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Hunter sucking Ghost out of grandfather clock using the Vaccum

The game Midnight Ghost Hunt shows that hide-and-seek isn’t just for people who are still alive. The game has more than one person, and the teams are split into Ghosts and Hunters. In 4v4 matches, players fight on a number of scary, spooky maps. Hunters’ mission is to find and get rid of every ghost. They do this by using high-tech ghost-hunting tools like a vacuum to collect the ghosts’ spirits and a spectral cannon to completely destroy them.

The Ghosts are the ones who need to hide, taking on the form of ordinary objects. The Ghosts can also levitate items and change into the exact opposites of Hunters to hide. When the clock strikes twelve, things change. The Hunters are now the ones being hunted, and they have to stay alive as the Ghosts attack even harder.

Run, Prop, Run

Two hunters chasing after a Prop disguised as a chair

People who like the idea of games like GMod but want something a little cuter and more family-friendly should play Run, Prop, Run. It’s a platformer and a prop hunt game for 12 people. When the Hunter gets the Props, they also become Hunters, which is different from most Prop Hunt games.

It’s possible for a match to start with 11 Props and 1 Hunter and end with 1 Prop and 11 Hunters. Each player turns makes the game harder. Hunters can make their figures look however they want, and since all the furniture and props have goofy eyes, it’s a little harder to tell who’s who.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt

Different props to disguise as, a wooden folding chair, a bike and a tower scope

People who like first-person games set in real-life wars should check out the Call of Duty series. Since the game is pretty serious, you might think that a mode like Prop Hunt wouldn’t fit with it, but you’d be wrong.

Several Call of Duty games, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, have a mode called “Prop Hunt.” Prop players have three ways to protect themselves. One way is to use flash-bang bombs to blind a Hunter and get away without being seen.

Roblox Prop Hunt! Hide And Seek

Different Props that can be turned into

Roblox is a game where people can be creative, and a lot of different games have been made. People in the Roblox community even played PropHunt, which made many people want to make games like it. Prop Hunt is a game that you can still play! Play hide and seek.

Players are split into two groups, called Hunters and Ghosts. It’s a mix of the old GMod PropHunt and Midnight Ghost Hunt. Spacebar Clicker is always getting better, and there are 4 different maps.


Hunter checking for Props

You can turn into furniture in Peekaboo, which is another cute game like PropHunt. The two teams play like other games in the same genre. One team is the Hunters, and the other is the Props. The bright graphics of Peekaboo’s maps are what make the game stand out.

All of the maps feel real and living, whether they’re of a cyberpunk city from the future or a dusty old town in the Wild West. But each of the 10 maps can be changed to make it feel different by changing the time of day.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Bowser statue in the Moon Kingdom

The character Cappy and a new way to play called “capturing” were both added in Super Mario Odyssey. Mario can change into certain things and animals and use powers that are unique to those things by throwing Cappy at them.

A lot of the things Mario can change into are bad guys, like T. Rexs, Goombas, and Chain Chomps. Besides that, he can change into less interesting things, like the Bowser statue in the Moon Kingdom.

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