8 Best Diablo 4 Skills For High Burst Damage

In Diablo 4, you need these skills when you need to do a lot of damage quickly.

It’s always a lot of fun to kill hordes of monsters in Diablo 4. Being on the receiving end of a chain stun that ends your life too soon is not fun. When there are too many things on the screen. It’s hard to keep track of all the special mobs and dangerous spots. You don’t have to run and dodge all the time. Skills that do a lot of damage quickly can solve your problems before they even start.

While you’re growing up, burst damage is great, but it will lose its power against harder enemies over time. But with the right set-up, builds, and effects that add up, the best skills for dealing a lot of damage quickly can stay useful until the very end.


An image from Diablo 4 of the sorcerer using fire skills on a group of ghouls to deal increased critical strike damage.

Sorcerers who love fire can still use Fireball as a core skill. As long as they’re ready to spend money on a special build. When you cast Fireball, a burning projectile is sent flying at enemies close and explodes when it hits them, dealing Fire damage. There are many passives for fireball that can raise its original critical chance and damage. The Esu’s Ferocity Key Passive is one of the best examples.

The Staff of Endless Rage is a special staff that will fire more Fireballs, making a confusing but ultimately rewarding burst of numbers and explosions. There’s no stopping you from blowing up everything on screen until you get to a higher level where the Fireball’s burst is no longer as useful because of better builds.

Death Blow

Barbarian Fury in Diablo 4

The Barbarian is known for only being able to shout and spin at Mach speed. But they actually have a lot of different builds. One fun build is to make Death Blow stronger so that it can kill enemies with a heavy overhead hit, then reset its cooldown and do it all over again.

Death Blow is flexible because it can regularly give you anger, so you can use it as a generator. Its powerful damage is a great way to finish off enemies that have been weakened by Bleed or Whirlwind.

Penetrating Shot

rogue shooting penetrating shot at a group of goatmen

The Rogue gives up its fast-paced gameplay in favor of a more patient one based on Penetrating Shot. The ability freezes a Rogue in place while they charge up a single pierce shot that hits more enemies and does more damage the more it hits. When you add Combo Points, which is one of Rogue’s skills, you have quick damage even if your build isn’t fully finished yet.

Using Combo Points, Condemnation doubles the damage done by Penetrating Shot in Funny Shooter 2. When you spend three Combo Points on the special knife, your core skills hit harder. It also adds a way to get three Combo Points right away, creating a positive loop.

Ice Shards

An image from Diablo 4 of a sorcerer using the Shatter key passive, which deals more damage to enemies when they break out of the frozen status effect.

Sorcerers don’t do as much damage as some other classes. But they make up for it with all the ways they can manage large groups of people. Ice pieces is a core skill that attacks foes with a bunch of sharp pieces. Frozen enemies take more damage from this skill. Because of the Avalanche Key Passive, Ice Shards do twice as much damage to Vulnerable enemies.

Frost Nova makes it easy for Frost Sorcerers to get to Frozen and Vulnerable. All of these state changes, along with damage boosts from items like Glass Cannon, make Ice Shards more powerful.

Hammer Of The Ancients

Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Skill

Hammer of the Ancients shows that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. With one strong hit, you can defeat enemies. After that, adding more effects on top of each other makes it a huge slam. Based on how much damage you had before using it. The Furious Hammer of the Ancients trait makes the damage it does even better. To fully wipe out enemies, add Barbarian legendary abilities like Aspect of Limitless Rage, Aspect of Ancestral Force, and Edgemaster’s Aspect.

Hammer of the Ancients is another strong ability for a build that is geared toward PvP. You can zoom around the Fields of Hatred and threaten to take anyone’s Seeds of Hatred if you’re built right.

Corpse Explosion

Corpse Tendrils skill from Diablo 4.

Corpse Explosion lets you use the bodies of your enemies as weapons by making them explode and do a lot of damage to a wide area. The ability works well in the endgame when there are a lot of mobs, and you can often lure enemies back to dead bodies to keep making a loop of new bodies that explode.

The Necromancer’s special items, Black River and Howl from Below, make the burst even stronger. When the unique gloves are worn, the unique scythe can eat five corpses for more damage and a wider area. This makes the unstable skeleton that is called stronger. Corpse Explosion’s powerful burst damage is always a good thing to have in your build, from the beginning of your adventure to Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons.


Diablo 4: An imposing werebear fighting in a sea of blood

The Druid is very flexible and can use a lot of different spells and skills. But it’s just as fun to forget all of that, turn into a wild bear. And kill a bunch of enemies with one hit. People often say that a Pulverize Druid can only do one thing. But it will do its job without any issues. As a bonus to Enhanced Pulverize, Overpower will happen every twelve seconds.

Part of the Ursine Horror and Shockwave Part add-ons Pulverize by adding long-lasting damage and a mid-range explosion that was badly needed. As if that wasn’t enough, the Earthen Might Key Passive can turn all of your moves into critical hits for a short time.

Bone Spear

Bone Spear Skill Tooltip And In Game Model Diablo 4

As far as single-target burst damage goes in Diablo 4, Bone Spear is the best. As the main skill, Bone Spear is fired, cutting foes in half. If improved, it can even break into three pieces. At its base level, the ability does a lot of damage, and the Paranormal improvement increases the chance of a critical hit even more. Then add Aspect of Serration and Splintering Aspect for an unbeatable burst that kills mobs, world bosses, and even Uber Lilith herself.

The Ossified Essence Key Passive helps you keep track of your Essence a little better. Since your Bone skills work better when your Essence is above half. Adding defenses like Bone Storm is all that’s left to do to completely wipe out enemies at the highest levels of the game.

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