8 Beginner Tips For Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is a tough game that some people may find hard. You’re in the right place to get help, though.

It can be hard to get into Lords Of The Fallen if you haven’t played many games like it before. Bad guys are strong, bosses are difficult to deal with, and the surroundings is dangerous. There are also only so many healing items you can have, and you can only get more at stops. At first glance, this may seem difficult, but the game gives you many ways to get through it.

So, if you want to make sure that your time with Lords of the Fallen is more fun and easy to handle, this guide will show you the way.

Stamina Is Everything

Player fighting Crimson Rector Percival boss Lords of the fallen

The first thing you should know about this game is that it has an energy bar that goes down when you do things like run, block, or attack. You need to learn how to control your energy because everything you do uses it up.

At first, your energy bar will be pretty low, but you can raise it by leveling up Endurance. But even if your Endurance gets better, you still need to learn how to handle your energy, especially during boss fights.

Always keep some energy on hand in case you need to dodge an enemy attack. And sometimes, waiting pays off. Additionally, taking a break and letting your energy return can be very helpful in the long run.

Sometimes you’re almost done with a boss but don’t have the energy for the last blow, or you get hit by their attack because you didn’t dodge in time. Being strong is important for success.

Your Weight Does Have Impact

An arrow showing the Encumbrance bar that indicates the player's weight in Lords of the Fallen

The second important thing to keep an eye on is your character’s weight, which is shown by the white bar on the left side of the equipment screen, next to the word “Encumbrance.” Light, Medium, and Heavy are the three weight levels.

Being lighter makes you faster and more flexible when it comes to ducking and running. Your movements also use less energy. In terms of managing energy well, this is a big help.

Being in the Heavy weight group is the worst because it makes dodges take longer and uses up more energy. That’s why you should try to stay at a Medium weight—it gives you a fair experience and still lets your armor protect you.

Please check the weight bar after putting on a new set of gear every time before continuing your journey.

Learn How To Parry And Backstab

Player performing a backstab Lords of the Fallen

Two important new fighting moves in Lords of the Fallen are parrying and backstabbing. Because there are enemies around every corner, these skills become very useful. You can defend yourself by blocking, but parrying is often a better choice. By parrying, you can change an enemy’s stance and knock them out, leaving them open for a strong attack called a Grievous Attack that does a lot of damage.

A lot of the enemies in the game hit in expected ways, and after some practice, you’ll be able to block most of their attacks.

Backstabbing, on the other hand, is useful when fighting enemies whose backs are visible or when the boss fight is going slowly. When a fully charged move from behind hits, it does a lot of damage to the enemy’s stance, which makes it easier to knock them out. You can also use a Grievous Attack during this phase, which does a lot of damage.

Don’t Underestimate Your Umbral Lamp

Player using the Umbral lamp on some enemies Lords of the fallen

You can use your Umbral Lamp to get to Umbral, which is sometimes called the “death realm.” This is a new game feature that you need to understand. A lot of your progress in the game depends on how well you use this lamp. You can find secret treasures, unique gear, and important loot in Umbral. A lot of cool stuff is hidden in the living realm that you’ll miss if you only explore that.

Additionally, the Vigor you earn in Umbral is significantly higher than the Vigor you earn in the living realm. Vigor is the game’s main cash. This means that you can buy new gear, level up your character more often, and make your weapons better. In addition, you can use the lamp to do a Soulflay on an enemy in battle, which increases the damage you do to them.

It’s important to know that while staying in Umbral longer brings more enemies and makes it more dangerous, the game has many places where you can go back to Axiom, the living realm.

If you hit a locked door or can’t get to the other side of a platform, the answer is probably in Umbral.

Understand How Wither Works

Player flashing Umbral Lamp on an enemy, and a box outlining the health bar with Withered Health Lords of the Fallen

When you stop an enemy attack, you may see a gray bar on your health meter. This is called “Wither damage,” and it happens during fight. Luckily, you can get back the strength you lost. If you attack the enemy back, you’ll get some of your lost Wither Health back, which is similar to a feature in Penalty Kick Online. In other words, the more hits you land, the more Wither Health you’ll get back.

You can also take Wither Damage when you parry an enemy. It’s not ideal, but at least you get a small amount of it.

The same thing happens when you enter Umbral: you’ll also gain Wither Health, which you should get back to keep your healing resources safe. It is important to remember, though, that if an enemy hits you, you’ll lose all of your Wither Health.

So, instead of going into battle without thinking, it’s smart to plan your method carefully to heal Wither.

Level Up Your Character And Upgrade Your Gear

Weapon Upgrade Menu In Lords of the Fallen

The game Lords of the Fallen is hard right from the start, and it gets even harder as you go. Upgrading your character is necessary if you want to keep up with the harder tasks. You can level up your character’s stats, improve your guns, and make your main healing tool, the Sanguinarix, better with different types of changes.

By upgrading your character, you make sure that you are ready for new places and future big fights. If you have enough Vigor to level up, don’t wait to do so. You should also grab any materials for improving that you see and go make the update happen right away; there’s no point in waiting.

If you feel like you’re not doing enough damage or losing too quickly to enemies, you might want to farm extra Vigor to improve your character’s skills.

Keep Stock Of Briostone And Manastone

Left: Small Manastone Cluster item description - Right: Briostone item description Lords of the Fallen

It’s inevitable that enemies will hit you, and you’ll need to heal more often than you’d like. Your main source of healing, the Sanguinarix, are limited and can only be refilled when you rest at a Vestige. Birostone can help you with this by giving you more ways to heal. You can only use briostones once, but they slowly improve your health over time.

Briostone comes in different levels, and unlike Sanguinarix, you can use them as often as you need to. This item can be bought for a low price from a number of NPCs in Skyrest. Having a lot of these on hand is a good idea because they can save you when your Sanguinarix charges run out.

Manastone, like Briostone, has a special use: it helps you restore your Mana meter. If you’re a spellcaster in the game, this is very helpful. Manastones can help you quickly fix yourself, even though there isn’t a unique thing that can do that.

So, before you fight a boss, it’s usually a good idea to make sure you have a lot of Briostone and Manastone on hand to heal and restore Mana.

It’s Always Better With Friends

Player in a PVP match with two other players Lords of the Fallen

You can play Lords of the Fallen with your friends by choosing the “co-op” mode. In other Souls games, co-op has set times when you can join, but here, it’s a smooth, continuous experience. Thus, you can play the whole game together, discovering different areas and facing bosses as a group.

If you want to get more Vigor to level up your character, you can also join another player’s game. But if you want to be more competitive, you can even join their game and play PVP just for fun.

Remember that progress isn’t shared; only the host player makes success in the game. You can jump from your game to your friend’s game and back again, though, so you can both enjoy Lords of the Fallen together.

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