All 6 Electricity Weapons In Endless Dungeon

Bots are the type of enemy you are most likely to face on the first few floors of Endless Dungeon. These Bots are the fastest enemy type and can do a lot of damage to your characters and the Crystal Bot. They don’t come in large groups like Blobs or Bugs, though. Electric guns are the best way to fight this kind of enemy.

There are a few different kinds of electricity guns, but some are better than others at killing Bots and other enemies. Which of the electricity guns do you think is the best?


Endless Dungeon Railgun Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

Because the Bots can move quickly, you need to be able to shoot them as fast as possible. So, the chance to use the railgun seems like a pretty small chance. It can do a fair amount of damage, and its high knockback might make it good at controlling crowds. But because the shots take so long to charge, it’s only really good against Bots that move slowly. It will work better on later floors because of this, but there will be more enemies to fight by then.

When To Use The Railgun

Because the Bots will be slower and stronger later in the run, this is one of the best electricity guns at that point. While the Bots are still very fast and weak at the beginning of a run, this is not a good idea.


Endless Dungeon Arlabastard Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

Luckily, none of the one-handed electricity guns are that bad. However, some players may find it hard to use the Arlabastard. Also, the weapon doesn’t knock back as hard, so it won’t be the best choice when you need to push back Bots on early floors. The high damage rate of this gun, on the other hand, makes it a good choice if you can get good at shooting it.

When To Use The Arlabastard

This is another electricity-based weapon that will get better as you play, like the Railgun. You can leave it with a character you aren’t handling to let the computer make the most of the weapon if you don’t like how it works.


Endless Dungeon Metataser Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

The Metataser doesn’t do a lot of damage at range or with elements, but its high knockback and fast fire rate make up for it. Because of this, it’s a great pocket weapon for controlling crowds, which is useful early in Wordle Unlimited when floors are full of small, fast-moving Bots.

When To Use The Metataser

The harm from this gun is good enough that you can use it for the whole run, but it will be most useful when you need to hold back a lot of Bots at once.


Endless Dungeon Shocker Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

Because it is so easy to use, the Shocker is the best choice for a small electric attack. Its fast shots let you deal with the large number of weaker Bots you face in the early stages of the game, and its high DPS and balanced stats make it a good choice for late game play as well.

When To Use The Shocker

This is a great electricity weapon for any point in your run. If you are new to Endless Dungeon, this is the one-handed electricity weapon that you will probably find easy to use. If you are building a character with critical damage in mind, this is also the best choice!


Endless Dungeon Empathizer Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

One reason why it’s better to give your big characters electricity guns is because of the Emphathizer. You might not like the slower rate of fire at first, but it gets easier to use and more rewarding quickly than other guns that need to be charged. This really helps you learn how to use this tool. Its long-range blasts are great for keeping enemies away, and they work against Bots no matter how far along your run you are.

When To Use The Empathizer

However, it works best when you have more room to use the range. You can do this at any point in your run. You could add some boosting towers to the room where you plan to use it to make up for the fact that it doesn’t do as much DPS.


Endless Dungeon Mobzapper Electric Weapon Workshop Menu-1

This weapon, the Mobzapper, is both one of the most fun to use and one of the most powerful in the game. While it doesn’t have a long range or do much damage, it makes up for it with a very high DPS and a wide shot range. This means that you can use this tool as a ramming ram to beat any Bots that try to get in your way.

When To Use The Mobzapper

The Mobzapper is great for following your Crystal Bot around, and even though it doesn’t deal much damage, its range means it can still be used to control crowds. To make up for the short range, you should make sure your character has a strong defense.

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