7 Best Goalkeepers In eFootball 2024, Ranked

If you’re making a team in eFootball 2024, one of these great goalkeepers should be the last line of defense.

Goalkeepers are very important in eFootball 2024 if you want to win games. They can either make or break a team’s game. A good one won’t let goals in easily, but a bad one can really hurt the team. In football games, the goalie is the most important player on defense. They not only help the team do well on the field, but they are also the last line of protection when everything else fails.

A good goalie should be able to save the day in a penalty shootout or when the defense is being pushed around. So, if you want to make the best eFootball 2024 team, you should make sure the best player guards the posts.

Jan Oblak

jan oblack

There could be no list of the best goalkeepers in eFootball 2024 without Jan Oblak’s name on it. The Atlético Madrid player from Slovenia is a master at stopping shots and a force to be reckoned with on any football team.

He is very good between the sticks, and when they play one-on-one, he often makes players give up. Because of his quick reactions, ability to read the game, and speed, he is very dangerous. Oblak is a great choice because he can play in a variety of ways. He has a grade of 82 and good scores in stopping, reactions, and goalkeeping.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Marc-André ter Stegen

In addition to being one of the most flexible and agile goalkeepers in the world, the German has great leadership skills. He’s good at stopping penalties, making long throws, and passing the ball. The Barcelona goalkeeper is also good at making important saves at the right time, which makes him a great choice for the last line of defense.

From the back, Marc-Andre ter Stegen does a good job of passing the ball. When the ball is in his half, he is always smart and in charge in the penalty area. He’s not great at controlling the ball or making plays, but his planning, ability to stay calm under pressure, and lightning-fast reactions make him an advantage.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Another growing star who shines in eFootball 2024 is the young, talented goalie who plays for PSG in France. Donnarumma is sure of herself and is great at getting rid of balls and catching them. His speed and ability to stop shots are so good that he can easily affect any game.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is also good at stopping penalties and going up against one-on-ones. He can cover a lot of net when he dives, and he can counter shots even when he’s under a lot of pressure, which makes him an important player for any team.

Manuel Neuer


Want to build your dream team and need a good sweeper-keeper goalkeeper? There’s a good chance that the German player for Bayern Munich will win. Manuel Neuer is very good at anticipating plays and always moving off the goalie line to stop through balls. He also knows how to put himself in the right spots. As a shortstop, Neuer is very good, which makes him not only easy to pick but also a great safety Slope Game player for any team.

He stopped a lot of shots from the attacking end and helped Bayer Munich win the European title and Germany win the World Cup in 2014. This goalie is one of the best in eFootball 2024 and should be on every dream team. Neuer has a rating of 83, but it can go up to 95 after training with a 62 in ball handling, an 80+ jump, and a 70+ kick power.

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois

Because of his great reactions and positioning, Thibaut Courtois is one of the best goalkeepers you could have on your dream team. Because of these traits, the goalkeeper can make important stops and adjust to different scenarios. Courtois can guess the ball’s speed and direction and move his feet and body in the right way. Because of this, he amazes a lot of people by stopping shots that look like they’re going in.

Courtois is very good at passing the ball to partners by kicking, passing, or throwing it. He’s a great keeper for setting up plays and starting counterattacks because he can pass the ball around so well. This is one of the best goalkeepers in eFootball 2024. He has played for Real Madrid and Belgium and has an average grade of 84.

Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker

One thing that many football fans think of when they hear the name Brazil is shooters. Don’t believe it! The country also has great goalkeepers like Alisson Becker who can save games. He is another attacking goalie with great skills in both stopping goals and controlling the ball.

This Liverpool goalie can read the attacker’s thoughts and moves from a long way away and guess whether they will pass or shoot. Because he can move so quickly, he can make amazing stops even when things look hopeless. As he tries to organize the back line, he talks to the players a lot and can move from the goal line to cover a lot of the net. Becker’s score is 82, but it could go up to 95 if he gets smarter.

K. Trapp

kevin trapp

K. Trapp is another great goalie who should be on every dream team. Overall, the goalie gets an 83. His speed gets an 80, his strength gets an 82, and his goalkeeping gets an 84. With these scores, he can be used to make important saves.

Trapp is also good at blocking shots from close range because he is well-positioned, quick on his feet, and agile. He is quick and can quickly cross the goal line while covering a large area of the net, making it hard for the other team to score.

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