10 Legendary Weapons In Guild Wars 2

When you play Guild Wars 2, it’s important to know what you want to achieve.

Making their own famous weapon is what most Guild Wars 2 players want to do in the game. It may take months of work and careful planning to get this, but the prize is well worth it: a weapon with the best stats that you can change for free, and it’s shared with all of your characters.

Even though these benefits make the trip worth it, you still have to pick the legendary weapon. There are three types of legendaries, so it can be hard to decide. But not all legendaries are the same. Some have extra effects, others call monsters, and some even have guns that can be used as instruments. To make the right choice, you need to know what you’re working toward.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Xiuquatl

Xiuquatl is one of the few scepter legendaries with a name that isn’t too hard to say. It was added in the second generation of legendaries. Meteorlogicus, the only other scepter that came before it, isn’t very big for how famous it is. Xiuquatl has a stronger presence without being too shiny.

The main thing about it, though, is the flying snake familiar that appears when the weapon is pulled. As you move, it stays above your shoulder and next to you. When compared to all other legendary weapons, the Xiuquatl is the only one that can call a creature when it is drawn, let alone all the time.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Verdarach

Verdarach is useful in more ways than just battle, and it’s not noticeable when it’s in its belt. As a warhorn, Verdarach can only be used offhand, and even then, it’s hard to see because it’s totally clear. Even your footsteps leave behind small, ghostly clouds that can be seen but aren’t too obvious.

Whenever you draw it, it gets really big and sends out ghostly troops. When you call them to fight, people will pay attention. When Verdarach isn’t fighting, he can also be used as a trumpet to make music that sounds very real. And Verdarach is still the best trumpet skin.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Kudzu

You must have already seen Kudzu if you play as the Ranger class. Kudzu is a standard for a reason. It’s great for nature fans because it lets you leave a flower path wherever you go. This is also a great tool for any Sylvari character because it has a lot of meaning for them.

As they fly to their target, the weapons are beautiful too. They are yellow and leave a line of daisies behind them. This is all before we talk about the bow’s main feature: the riser that looks like a Sylvari woman and gives the weapon a very royal look.

The Shining Blade

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon The Shining Blade

In Guild Wars 2, the names of most weapons don’t have anything to do with the story. That is, you can’t outfit the Sohothin. It’s a very important weapon in the game, but all you can get is a copy. The first one is always held by Rytlock.

The Knight of the Thorn title gives you the only weapon that has anything to do with the story, and even that is only of Ascended quality. As you can see, The Shining Blade is very special. It’s only shown in Living World Season 4, and you get to use it. With such a famous start, all you have to do is make it so it stays with you on all your adventures.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Nevermore

When the second group of legendaries came out, they came with a lot of side quests that told their stories. Although that treatment didn’t happen for all of them, Nevermore was lucky enough to get it. All of them were simplified with the legendary skill that is linked to core Tyria. The story of Nevermore is a touching trip about how important nature is and how Raven needs to lead his people forward.

This is a great weapon if you like Norse myths and stories, or if you’re playing any kind of necromancer. It looks great and has effects that are based on the Raven Spirit of the Wild.

Chuka And Champawat

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Chuka and Champawat

The shortbow legends of Chuka and Champawat also got the long stories that the early second generation legends did. Without giving away too much, you take care of two tiger cubs until they are fully grown, and whenever you draw the bow, they are with you in spirit.

You get a backpack skin of a tiger cub that wraps around your back, and the story of the kids is worth it on its own. And when you shoot this powerful bow, the arrows turn into spirits of tigers that are ready to attack your enemies. A lot of people thought that was better than The Dreamer killing horses, or at least not as silly.

The Binding Of Ipos

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon The Binding Of Ipos

People who play have never really thought about the target as a weapon. It could be a chain, or it could be ale. You don’t base your style on it. You should make sure that the legendary you make for that type of weapon stands out. And The Binding of Ipos stands out in all the good ways.

The idea is very creative: a banned, evil book that floats out of its holster and lands in front of you, its pages ready to be read. Your left hand turns bad; all that can be seen is a cloudy, huge claw. Any class that can cast spells will feel powerful when they use this amazing book.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Eternity

A weapon made of two famous guns is the best way to show off your rank. This is because you need to join Twilight and Sunrise, which are both legendary weapons with their own costs, in order to make Eternity.

One good thing about Eternity is that its blade shows blue skies and pink clouds during the day, making it look like Sunrise. At night, it changes into Twilight, a black blade with vampire bat wings that has strange red lights inside the darkness. Even without the status, Eternity is a great weapon. It has two of the best visual effects in Eggy Car, making it a real show-stopper.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Exordium

When ArenaNet made the second set of legendary weapons, they had to try to make the greatsword better than Eternity. It’s not as important as a legendary made of two other legendary cards, but it makes up for it by being one of a kind.

Exordium is a blade that can change shape to follow the user’s every move. In games, this means that it changes how it looks to better show how it’s used: It turns into a shield if you block. It turns into a huge shuriken when you throw it. Necromancers are the only ones who can pull enemies over with a special look. Each class that you use this blade with will feel very different from the last.

The Legendary Facets of Aurene

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon Aurene

Things were a little different with the third wave of famous guns. It’s not like each weapon has its own tune. The Elder Dragon Aurene has a single theme. A few players were let down by this, but the guns themselves were really well-made and had two new features. The first thing that was shown was a new effect that happened every so often when you killed an enemy.

That was nice, but it wasn’t what the third generation was really about. What made it so appealing was that you could unlock different versions of your handmade weapon for each Elder Dragon. It still takes farming and gold to unlock these variations, but not as much as it takes to unlock a whole new rare. In other words, you could buy one legendary weapon and get up to seven legendary looks. That’s pretty hard to beat, and for award fans, getting all the different kinds of Aurene has to be the hardest one.

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