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These days, it doesn’t take long to detect someone wearing a hi-vis vest or other fluorescent safety gear. Hi-vis workwear is necessary for many vocations, such as construction, road construction, railroads, traffic management, farming, manufacturing, airport operations, warehousing, security, police, and fire, as well as for leisure activities like jogging, cycling, and la fonda sue honeycutt walking. Because it makes the wearer more visible and helps to reduce accidents and injuries, this gear is popular for usage at work and during leisure time. 

Hi-vis clothing helps improve the wearer’s visibility to increase personal safety. It uses a combination of fluorescent fabric and reflective tape to reach the maximum levels of visibility. Although hi-vis clothing is usually associated with vests, we see it in many other clothing types, like hats, jackets, shirts, pants, overalls, and hoodies. Kings Workwear has a collection of every hi vis workwear you need, to be visible while working. 

High visibility clothing: who invented it?

In the 1930s, American Bob Switzer became the creator of hi-vis apparel. According to legend, Bob and his brother Joe experimented with substances they employed in magic tricks for fun while recovering from an accident at work. After recovering, Bob carried out more experiments and, using his wife’s wedding gown as a test subject, figured out how to put the fluorescent compounds he had made into cloth. Originally known as “Day Glo” paint, this substance underwent development to become the fluorescent material that we now use in high-visibility apparel. Today, Kings Workwear sells a large amount of hi vis workwear PerthOrder from us now!

hi vis workwear perth
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Why is hi-vis important?

Due to increasing occupational accidents, workplace safety has gained traction across all industries. While some accidents are unavoidable, we can prevent many with the right instruction and protective gear, like high-visibility clothes. Hi-vis clothing may initially appear to be straightforward work attire, but it is expressly to improve visibility in low-light conditions, which can significantly lower the risk of accidents at work. If they are working in low light, workers of all types wesomenia must wear hi-vis clothes as part of their workplace safety equipment. 

One of the most crucial things employees can do to keep themselves safe is to be visible. Sometimes, the weather can make it difficult to see someone wearing dark colors or standing close to anything that makes them blend in. This is important at night when bright lights don’t always make colored materials easier to notice unless there is a significant difference between your clothing and your surroundings. Kings Workwear has fluorescent colors of hi vis work clothes suitable for your job. 

Wear high-vis apparel to draw the attention of drivers

One of the main issues for many people who work outside, including construction workers, is visibility. If you’re not visible enough to people, you can get struck by a forklift or a passing car. High-visibility clothing, also called hi-vis clothing, is vital to any work attire because it makes you visible to passing cars, pedestrians, and other nearby people, allowing them to avoid running you over. Wearing high-vis gear to work is not the only way to stay safe.

 Depending on the safety regulations at your place of employment, you may still need to wear protection for your eyes, ears, and other body parts even if you don’t work outside. Hi-vis apparel ensures that people will notice you before they hit you. Poor visibility increases the danger of serious injury or death for workers and anyone nearby, making it extremely difficult to see them and their equipment, whether working late into the night on a highway or in a loading bay at sunset. Wear hi vis clothing by Kings Workwear at any time of the day.

hi vis workwear perth
Image Source: Kings Work Wear Australia


Hi-vis clothing has evolved into a necessity in any circumstance where the wearer must be extremely visible from a distance at all times of the day. Wearing high-visibility clothing improves worker visibility and reduces the risk of accidents resulting from falls, slides, and other encounters with colleagues who aren’t wearing the appropriate safety gear. It is challenging to identify workers if they are not wearing highly visible apparel. Kings Workwear makes hi vis work wear suitable for all weather conditions. Order your hi vis work wear from us today! 

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