How to Find the Best Montessori School in Dubai

Montessori learning is designed to focus on holistic development of every child. The education system works on building children’s abilities according to their own pace and offers the flexibility to choose activities that develop students’ essential skills. The Montessori Method of teaching and learning is the most attractive and creative way to simplify complex concepts with a structured curriculum. Children are engaged in interactive sessions with lessons not restricted to the classrooms. A holistic environment is built for the benefit of every student, giving them a feeling of belongingness to the educational institute.

Dubai, one of the best educational hubs, houses hundreds of educational institutes, including private and public schools. Primary education is compulsory in Dubai, where most Dubai montessori schools offer individualized and personal learning approaches. Here are some tips for finding the best Montessori school in Dubai.


As a parent, the right way to find the best Montessori school in Dubai is to research schools and the facilities provided. You may have friends, relatives, or other sources to find out. Furthermore, you can visit the website of the schools to get a piece of detailed information on the status and the reputation of the school. Wise parents recommend personal visits to the schools, starting with those nearest to their residence. Always ensure to check for reviews about the schools shortlisted.

Consider accreditation

In Dubai, some Montessori schools may be accredited by organisations like The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). As responsible parents, it is essential to choose a school accredited by a reputed organisation that works for the betterment of students.  

Facilities provided

While selecting the best Montessori school in Dubai, ensure that it provides adequate and advanced facilities to its students. Most Montessori schools in the UAE regions play an integral part during the initial formation of the children creating distinct personalities. The facilities that cater to a child’s educational needs must always be protected. From classrooms to playgrounds, audio-visual rooms to creative activity spaces, the study material required to support the Montessori Method should be of standard quality.

Consider the needs of a child

As parents, you know your child more than anyone else and would choose what works best as per the needs of the child. Montessori’s teaching method creates and designs a firm and solid base for a child’s future. All the child needs is personal attention and emotional support from its mentors to achieve the goal set before them. Ensure that children feel comfortable in the environment where they would spend most of their time acquiring immense knowledge on how to deal with the challenges of personal life. Children here are trained to think critically, resolve problems confidently, and comprehensively approach their social life.

Parental Involvement

Nowadays, every school takes every initiative to see that parents take equal responsibility for their children’s educational journey. While selecting a Montessori school for your child, check how much involvement the school encourages from parents and the opportunities for parent involvement.

Tuition and other costs

Although school admission Dubai has considerably been made affordable, it is essential to get detailed information about the tuition fees and all other additional charges.

Besides, all the above considerations ensure that the school provides a safe and secure environment for the students to learn and grow well. All the safety measures need to be in place, repaired and replaced in due time to avoid inconvenience to students and parents. Select a Montessori school that takes care of your child’s overall development helping the child grow as a responsible citizen of their country.

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