Student Accommodation in Lismore: Location, Budget, and Amenities

Student Accommodation Lismore

If you have decided to study in Lismore and need more information about the city, such as Student Accommodation Lismore in terms of different locations, expected budgets, and expected amenities, we’ll provide all that information as well as other helpful information about the city. 

About Lismore

Lismore is an Australian city located in the county of New South Wales, not to be confused with the Australian town of Lismore in Victoria. The city falls in the Northern Rivers region, where two rivers meet: the Wilsons River and the Richmond River. This city is at the centre of the Northern Rivers region, making it an important business and cultural hub. According to the QS world university rankings, Lismore is also home to the Southern Cross University, which ranks 651 to 660 worldwide as of 2024. 

Living in Lismore 

Lismore is a very fun city to live in, as it is full of great places to visit thanks to its extensive history and natural scenery. The city’s climate is subtropical, meaning that it is sunny and enjoys a healthy amount of sunlight. In addition, the city’s history is reflected in its old Victorian structures. Among the city’s must-visit sites is Nightcap National Park, which is a World Heritage-listed site and is home to a beautiful waterfall. The city is also near many beaches, all accessible within a short drive. The city also has a relatively relaxed pace of life and affordable student housing. 

Best Places to Live in Lismore as a Student 

Lismore has many places to live; the following sections list the best places to live as a student, the expected budgets, and popular accommodation options.

East Lismore 

East Lismore is one of the most popular student areas to live in, as it has affordable rent, is family-friendly, is full of parks, cafes, and restaurants, and is close to Southern Cross University. The average rent in East Lismore is $1700 per month. One recommended student accommodation option in this area includes UniLodge SCU Lismore – Orion and UniLodge SCU Lismore – Magellan.

UniLodge SCU Lismore – Orion

UniLodge SCU Lismore – Orion offers single rooms within four- and six-bedroom shared apartments; these are typically equipped with a bed, a workstation (chair and desk), a wardrobe, and a shared bathroom. 

The property itself features various amenities and services to facilitate your stay; these include a communal game room so that you can enjoy a quick game with friends, an on-site laundry facility, and an on-site management team that is there to handle your requests and has all bills included so that you do not bother yourself with any extra fees. Additionally, the property has an on-site gym where you can work out whenever you please, a swimming pool, which is great, especially with the sunny weather, and a social area.

UniLodge SCU Lismore – Magellan

UniLodge SCU Lismore – Magellan is another favourite Lismore student accommodation, which features single rooms within four-bedroom apartments. Rooms contain all the usual amenities found in PBSAs, typically including a bed, wardrobe, workspace, shared bathroom, and kitchen. 

This property has everything you need, which includes an on-site laundry facility so that you can do your laundry with maximum convenience, as well as communal kitchens stocked up with everything you need, an on-site gym where you can keep in shape from the comfort of the building, security through CCTV, a swimming pool, as well as game areas and lounges. If you require any help or support during your stay, this property has on-site staff who are able to help whenever needed.  

Regarding East Lismore’s location from the CBD, the distance is as follows:

  • Bus – 15-minute distance from the CBD.
  • Taxi – 5-minute drive
  • Walking – 20-25 mins


The area of Goonellabah is another student favourite as it is undergoing various changes and is also near various parks, sports facilities, and shopping centres. The average rent in Goonellabah is almost $1500/month.

Regarding Goonellabah’s location from the CBD, the distance is as follows:

  • Bus –  20-30 minutes
  • Taxi – 10 minutes drive
  • Walking –  40 minutes

North Lismore

North Lismore is known for being close to the Lismore CBD and is also full of youthful cafes, restaurants, and many other places to hang out, especially for students. North Lismore is especially known for its youthful vibes and rich art scene. There, you can find PBSAs starting from $850/month or lower, all the way to $1700/month and higher. 

Regarding North Lismore’s location from the CBD, the distance is as follows:

  • Bus –  5-10 minutes
  • Taxi –  5 minutes drive
  • Walking –  very short distance

Lismore CBD

Lismore is highly convenient for students as it is greatly connected to the rest of the city and is also full of great places to go out, some of the city’s biggest shopping areas, and also its great nightlife. The Lismore CBD is within walking distance of everything in the city as it is the city centre. However, this convenience comes at a price, as you can pay anywhere from $1900 to $2300 monthly. 

Cost of Living in Lismore

We always recommend that you book a PBSA (Purpose-built student accommodation) as these are specially designed for students and often come with all bills included, meaning that you will not be required to pay any additional fees during your stay. With that being said, you will also need to know the average cost of living in Lismore, both in terms of rent and monthly expenses. The cost of living in Lismore is as follows (subject to change based on inflation and lifestyle)

Item Average Monthly cost
1 Br.Apartment (City Centre)$2,347
1 Br.Apartment (Outside City Centre)$1,889
Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating and Cooling, Water, Garbage Collection)$343
Mobile Phone Plan$44
Internet cost $87.96
Public Transportation: Monthly Pass$168
Fuel (Gasoline)$7.22

So there you have it: these were the top places to live in Lismore, our top student accommodation picks in the city, and the overall cost of living in Lismore. If you have more questions regarding student accommodation in Lismore, especially student accommodation near Southern Cross University, contact’s helpful staff, and they’ll direct you to the best options in the city based on your budget, intended length of stay, as well as the closest options to your campus.

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