Office Moving Companies Dubai

Office Moving Companies Dubai

Specializing in  office transfers and professional moving in  Chartres, Storage Services. Very, Tamps, Versailles , we carry out all stages of your business or professional premises move (office, store, etc.). Up to the handover installing furniture, machinery and equipment in your new premises. Our teams specializing in professional moving proceed with care during your move and as quickly as possible. To guarantee your satisfaction.

Business moving quote

Is your business located in 28, 78 or 91 moving? We support you for your move anywhere in Storage Facility in Dubai so ask for your quote for your business and professional office moves. We promise to respond to you within 48 hours.

Moving your production units throughout Dubai

Corporate moving

  1. Furniture moving company organizes and carries out the handling and transfer of all your production units: factory, workshop, machines, laboratory, and stock of raw materials, finished products or spare parts. We offer you a tailor-made service during your business move or office move:
  • Dismantle, unseal the machine Reassemble, check and test the machine

Our moving company Dubai organizes and carries out either the movement of the production unit on the same site. Or the transfer of a complete factory, without geographical limits, in compliance with technical obligations and schedules.

  • Our mission is then to put your installations back into service. Guaranteeing the initial performance of the machines, the quality of production and the complete restart of your industrial tools. Furniture also designs and integrates industrial equipment on production and packaging lines.

We provide industrial maintenance for your professional moving Companies Dubai?

Specialist in Moving Companies Dubai and professional moving in Chartres. Furniture, we offer to provide preventive or curative maintenance on site in the specialties: mechanics. Hydraulics, pneumatics, assembly, electricity, automation, adjustment on lines, blacksmithing, mechanical welding, piping, boiler making and in all areas of industry.

Industrial engineering – design office

To optimize the reliability of your professional move and to take into account. All the data of an industrial transfer on the departure site. As well as on the arrival site. Our design office defines a precise schedule and carries out all the controls and takes into account all your constraints:

Litton’s successor

Successor to Furniture, a company founded in 1879. Furniture is a family moving company created in 1992. It is today part of the Demes’ network and has 5 agencies in Rambouillet, Chartres, Furniture, Stamps and We also support you with your office moves, company moves or professional moves.

Our certifications

Responsive, our movers will meet your expectations and guarantee you quality services, delivered on time. Our moving company notably won the Furniture 2016 Excellence Trophy as well as 1st prize 2014-2015, for the best moving service.

Succeed in your business moving Companies?

1. Set a date for your business moving storage Dubai

First of all, you must determine a moving date. This will then allow you to set up a schedule in order to organize yourself. You will be able to plan all the important tasks that will need to be carried out before your moving companies.

2. Communicate about your move in internal services

You must then communicate the date of the company move to your internal services. This will also allow them to organize themselves and prepare a schedule internally.

3. Select service providers for your professional move

This step is very important. It brings together all the service providers who will enable Your offices to be properly installed in your new premises (electrician, movers, decorator, etc.).

4. Take inventory of your furniture storage and equipment

The an inventory of your furniture and equipment with your Movers and Packers Dubai so. They can have an idea of ​​the furniture to be transported. The the opportunity to sort out what you want to keep or not keep.

5. Transfer of contracts and change of address

Once you have your new address, start taking the steps to change your address. Inform your customers, service providers and suppliers of your change of address. You can already create new communication media with the new postal address.

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