Intermittent Connection Issue with Linksys Extender [Fixed]

We never felt the need to elaborate all the features housed by Linksys networking devices. That’s not going to happen in the future too. But, these days, the number of people facing internet problems with the Linksys range extender network has increased. They claim that they are getting intermittent connection from their range extender. What has dragged their extenders to such an extent? Let’s discuss the same with the help of this post. Know that we will not only highlight the potential causes but also the solutions to fix the problem. So, if there’s a need to access the Linksys extender login portal during the troubleshooting process, be ready for the same.

Linksys Extender Intermittent Connection [Reasons]

Stop blaming your Internet Service Provider if you are getting intermittent internet connection from your Linksys wireless range extender. Chances are that something is wrong with the internet-related factors from your end. This is to inform you that an Ethernet cable and the firmware of the router model you own plays an important role in deciding whether the extender will perform up to the mark or not.

The Ethernet cable holds this place because it serves as a source of communication between the extender and router. On the other hand, there’s no need to highlight the importance of updating the firmware of the host router that serves as an internet source for the Linksys extender.

If the Ethernet cable joining your WiFi devices is found out of place, means it is connected to wrong jacks, mend your mistake right away. You are also suggested to verify that the cable in use is not damaged. If it is damaged, then get it replaced with a new one. Otherwise, the intermittent internet connection problem will keep giving you a headache. If the connection is not finger-tight, stabilize it. On the off-chance, everything is fine with the cable connection and the firmware of your router is also updated, consider walking through these points to understand what might have caused the problem:

  • There’s an improper distance between your Linksys wireless range extender and router.
  • You have placed your extender in an area where it is experiencing WiFi signal interference.
  • The firmware your range extender is flaunting has become outdated.

Solutions: Linksys Extender Intermittent Connection

The previous section has played its role in explaining the reasons that might have dragged your range extender to an extent that it facilitated you with an intermittent internet connection. Now, it is time to focus on the solution to fix the problem:

  • Adjust the Extender-Router Distance: The distance between your Linksys range extender and the main router must be paid attention now. Keep in mind that if you keep these devices very close, their signals are likely to get clashed. On the other hand, if they are placed too far, their communication will become zero. Thus, keep this distance from 8-10 ft.
  • Relocate Your Range Extender: If the location at which your extender sits is filled with devices that work via electromagnetic induction, then changing the location of the extender will be a good thing to do. This time make sure that your Linksys extender is placed away from televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Also, keep your extender far from aquariums and similar objects (those containing a large amount of water).
  • Update the Firmware: It is now time to access the WiFi extender login page on an upgraded web browser and install the latest firmware version on the extender. An outdated firmware has been reported one of the most prominent reasons behind the issue you are facing. You are suggested to upload the firmware file that is in accordance with the model number of your range extender. Updating the firmware via the Linksys Velop login portal will help you out in case you are facing a similar problem with your Velop mesh network.

If none of the hacks mentioned above works in your favor, consider giving a fresh start to the entire home network. This might work for you as it has positive outcomes in 90% of the cases.

The Bottom Line

Our guide explaining what to do to resolve intermittent internet connection issues with your Linksys extender ends here. We hope that you are now facing no problem with your range extender. Just in case there are still internet-related issues, perform a factory default reset of your extender by pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds and set up the extender once again.

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