Speed Up Linksys Router Internet Connection

In the 21st century, where literally nothing is possible without a speedy WiFi connection, coming across the Linksys router slow WiFi connection issue can become a pain in the head. Like many others, in case you are also experiencing the same issue. Then know that resolving it is possible if you go through the topmost tips displayed below. For your information, some of them will require you to access the myrouter.local web address.

How to Speed Up Linksys Router WiFi Connection?

1) Give the Linksys Router a Fresh Start

The very first method through which the Linksys router slow WiFi connection issue can be resolved is by giving the router a new start. Sometimes, technical glitches hold back the router form giving out a fast WiFi. To take care of the problem, do as necessary. Once done, check whether the speed of your internet connection has improved or not. We are expecting that luck would have kissed your feet by now.

2) Switch the Connection Source

Considering this tip is being read by you, it is forcing us to think that you are still a victim of the slow WiFi connection issue. To troubleshoot it, you should change the connection source in use right now. Perhaps, you have made the mistake of connecting the devices with the aid of a wireless source. It is not a reliable medium. Thus, use an Ethernet cable to create a connection between the devices.

Note: Ensure that the Ethernet cable is not damaged. Along with this, the connection which you will make should be finger-tight at all costs.

3) Do Router Firmware Update

Another reason why you are experiencing the Linksys router slow WiFi connection issue could be because the firmware of your wireless router is not updated. We are assuming that you ignored the update when it was required. No problem. You can correct your mistake by accessing the myrouter.local web address. You can also put the Linksys app to use to execute the firmware update process.

4) Come Closer to WiFi Router

Despite all the efforts which you have made so far, are you still losing your mind due to the slow WiFi connection issue? To enhance the speed of your device, consider getting a bit closer to it. Perhaps, you are sitting with your client device in one corner of the house. Also the wireless router is located in another corner. However, at the same time, ensure that you are not getting too close to it.

Note: Getting too close to the Linksys wireless router will lead to a clash of signals thereby forcing you to come across more technical issues.

5) Restore the Linksys Router

In case none of the tips helped you to improve the speed of your Linksys router. Then you should not think more to reset and set it up. For both the processes, you can read the guidelines given in the product manual. By the way, every device comes with a manual. For example, if one owns a Velop router, it might have come with a manual too, with topics like, Linksys Velop troubleshooting, setup, and much more.

The Conclusion

With the last tip, we are putting an end to this guide. We are expecting that after setting up your Linksys wireless router from scratch. You will be able to enhance its WiFi speed with ease. If you are able to, then do not hold yourself back from sharing a few words of appreciation with your fellow readers. The same effort can be made if you use the comment section located at the end of this post, if this website has one.

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