The term sexologist is often confused with that of a gynaecologist. It is important to understand that a gynaecologist deals with issues concerning sex organs like cysts in ovaries, endometriosis, uterine fibroids etc. In contrast, a sexologist deals with issues arising during sexual intercourse. Also, a sexologist deals with issues regarding sexualities.

The problems with reproductive organs are different from the problems arising from those during the process of intercourse. Intercourse is the process when there is a change in the sexual organs because of the process of penetration, copulation or mating. The penis is an erect and straightforward organ. It is continuously looking for a place to fit in, whereas the vagina is a hollow that constantly looks for something to fit in with. Thus, the compatibility of the male and female psychologically and physically is important to make the process of mating an effortless one.

“The females have more to endure while mating because they have to receive, whereas the man has more to give to the lady. Hence there might be countless problems that couples might endure while mating.” explained a veteran doctor who has been diagnosing female sexual problems in Amritsar since a long time. 


1. LACK OF SEXUAL DRIVE:” Lack of sexual drive and interest during sexual intercourse is one of the reasons why couples might not want to carry on their physical chemistry together. Reasons for Lack of sexual drive may be a childhood trauma of sexual abuse encountered by any one of the partners. Hence it is important to connect more psychologically than to jump on the bed and trash around like an animal,” explained a famous sexologist from Jalandhar

2.VAGINAL DRYNESS – Women often attach their self-worth to the way they look. Hence they spend a large amount of time doubting themselves. Hence during the process of intercourse, when it is the time for both partners to disengage completely from themselves and surrender to the other, females might find it difficult as their minds would be flooded with thoughts regarding how they are looking. Hence, the partner needs to make them realize that they are amazing in the way they look because even the most beautiful thing, like the moon, also has cratered. 

3.UNABLE TO HAVE AN ORGASM – Orgasm is a complete state of ecstasy or happiness when the female reaches the heights of sexual intimacy during mating or copulation. Females need to understand that orgasms are not the finish line of a sexual intimacy process. They should focus on the entire process of foreplay and cuddling lovemaking rather than worrying about the climax. 

4.PAIN DURING INTERCOURSE: Pain during intercourse can arise due to problems in the vaginal wall lining or due to muscle spasms which can lead to problems in penetration and adjustment and also make the process of mating uncomfortable and uneven; that is when the gynaecologist should step in and understand if at all there is a problem with the structural anatomy of the vaginal walls.

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