Eyes are our windows to the world outside; eyes help us see colour, sense emotion and understand people’s perceptions about things and situations. Healthy eyesight is important for a person not just to view things around us but also to help us recapitulate memories, information etc. 


 “Two eyes see everything around them and in the world around, but the only thing they don’t see is one another” – anonymous.

Eyes provide us with a window to the outside world and help us perceive light and understand the three-dimensional existence of objects.

“The effect of the first signs of ageing is always reflected in one’s eyes which is why during old age, the eyes first begin to sink in, and then gradually, the eyesight begins to weaken. Even stress due to long working hours also reflects in our eyes in the form of dark circles. Nowadays, because “work from home being the new normal during the pandemic, the number of hours spent in front of the gadgets have increased enormously; thus, the number of diseases related to eyesight problems have increased manifold”, explained a Lasik surgeon from Punjab.

However, eyesight and eye-related problems are not always proportional to the hours spent before any electronic gadget. There can be various reasons for the increase in eye-related problems and diseases.

Below we have discussed in brief the problems about why problems with eye ailments have increased in the past decade:

  1. DEFICIENCY OF VITAMINS ESSENTIAL FOR EYES: A deficiency of vitamins like vitamin A may lead to degeneration of the retinal wall, cause eyesight-related problems, and hamper one’s natural ability to view and perceive things.
  2. EYE STRAIN: No matter how much we choose to ignore the second, one of the main causes of eye-related problems can be the overuse of gadgets and accessories. The blue light emitted from electronic gadgets can harm the iris and the cornea. Over-dependency on gadgets can lead to gradual degeneration of the cornea and the pupil.
  3. LACK OF SLEEP: “People often fail to understand that lack of sleep can be an additional stress on the blood vessels surrounding the eye. If the blood vessels do not get the required amount of rest, just like the other blood vessels, they may expand and sometimes even burst, causing problems like Red eyes.

     4. INFECTIONS :  The use of inappropriate infected material for protecting the eye can result in problems that can cause infections in and around the eye. “Infections can irritate the fluid released from the eyes and, in some cases, blindness. Thus it is always important to never share your spectacles or sunglasses with people because often eyelashes and eyebrows are a breeding ground for micro-organisms that can be transmitted to people who have perfectly healthy eyes, also using a neutral eye drop with bare minimum PH can help keep eye infections at bay. explained one of the doctors at a leading eye hospital in Punjab.

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