Resolving Linksys WiFi Router Firmware Upgrade Failed Issue

Updating Linksys router firmware is very important as it ensures that the Linksys wireless router works seamlessly at all times. However, in case this process fails, then experiencing an enhanced router performance will not be possible. In case you relate with what we are saying, then it means you tried to login to Linksys router and update the firmware but failed. To help you resolve the issue, we have mentioned some tips here.

As you will read further, you will come across various technical fixes through which you can fix the Linksys router firmware update failed issue in a matter of minutes.

Prior to reading, we would like to recommend you something. Do not panic if you fail to understand any troubleshooting solution. Remind yourself that you have got this handled. Once done, re-read the fix and try to resolve the problem at hand.

How to Fix Linksys Router Firmware Update Failed Issue?

a)     Execute the Steps Again

The troubleshooting process can be initiated if you go about the Linksys WiFi router firmware update process from the start. This time, make sure that you are going through the steps in the exact manner as they are given. Along with this, avoid skipping any step in the middle as it might interrupt the process and if that happens, then you can forget about resolving the Linksys router firmware update failed issue in this lifetime.

b)     Go to the Correct Source

One of the biggest reasons why users experience issues while trying to upgrade the firmware of their Linksys wireless router is that they refer to the wrong source for the steps. We are assuming that you have done the same thing. To correct your mistake, you ought to go to the correct source. To be specific, you should either take reference from the user manual of your product or go to the official Linksys website.

c)      Clean the Web Browser

Despite reading the first two troubleshooting solutions, are you still not able to access the Linksys smart WiFi login page and update the firmware of your device? Nodding your head in yes? Well, we know why. It is because you are using an internet browser which is accumulated with cache. This can happen over time, so you should not blame yourself for this. Instead, access the settings of your browser and make it cache-free right away.

d)     Reboot the WiFi Router

When was the last time you allowed your networking device to rest? Has it been too long? Yes? Well then, it is recommended that you reboot your Linksys wireless router without thinking much. For this, you ought to press and hold the power button for some time, and then release it. After the device has had enough time to rest, turn it on using the same button through which you turned it off.

e)     Restart Entire Network

Sometimes, restarting just the Linksys router does not suffice when it comes to resolving the Linksys router firmware update failed issue. In this case, what we recommend users is that, they reboot the entire network. This means that you do not just have to restart the router, but also the modem as well as the client device. Once you have executed the process, access the linksyssmartwifi login page and try to update the router firmware.

Summing Up

This sums up the troubleshooting guide based on the tips through which resolving the Linksys router firmware update failed issue is possible. Here is to hope that now you are able to update the firmware of your networking device with ease as you have read these solutions. On the off chance, you are still losing your mind due to the same issue, then waste no more time in resetting your device.

Once you have restored your Linksys router, take our advice and configure it right from the beginning using the method of your choice.

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