Quick Solutions to Fix Netgear WiFi Router Red Light Problem

Amongst every color in existence, red is known to depict danger. Starting from the road sign to the flashing of the Netgear router LED light, wherever the status is red, it means there is something to worry about. Considering this article is being read by you, we are assuming that you are bothered by the flashing of the LED of your networking device. The LED would be blinking red because you have not done Nighthawk router setup properly.

In that case, you should consider setting up your device from scratch with the help of the steps given in the product manual. What is that? Did you attempt the same thing but the issue persists? Well then, it means that the reason behind it is something else. It could be: an improper power, an outdated firmware, a weak cable connection, signal interference, technical glitches, and much more. Read on and learn how to resolve the issue at hand.

How to Fix Netgear WiFi Router Red Light Problem?

1.      Check the Electrical Socket

The troubleshooting process can be initiated if you ensure a proper power supply to the Netgear wireless router. It is recommended that you check the electrical socket which has been assigned the task of supplying power to your networking device. In case, it is damaged, then it is recommended you use any other wall socket in your house to supply electricity to your Netgear wireless router model.

2.      Upgrade the Firmware Now

Although the last troubleshooting solution would have helped you to resolve the router red light issue, on the off chance, you are experiencing the same, then it is recommended you upgrade the firmware of your networking device. Wait; do you not know how to go about the process? Well, in that case, you should open the user manual of the networking device, read, and implement the steps through which the process can be taken forward.

Note: There are two methods through which the Netgear router firmware update process can be executed: manual method and the mobile app method.

3.      Replace the Ethernet Cable

Check the Ethernet cable that has been used by you to create a connection between the networking devices. Here, by networking devices, we are shedding light on the Netgear router and the existing modem. In case it has gotten old with time, then you should consider opting for a new one. Make sure that the new cable has no cuts on it. Additionally, the connection which is being made should not be loose.

4.      Relocate the Netgear Router

Are electronic devices or transmitting appliances kept near the Netgear wireless router? Yes? Well then, now is the time to relocate your router as such devices can mess with the signals emitted from it thereby leaving no space for them to get transmitted throughout the house. While relocating the WiFi router, ensure that apart from keeping appliances and electronics away, reflexive surfaces are not being kept near it.

Note: Do not keep the Netgear wireless router in corners or near thick concrete walls of your house as they can also interfere with the signals emitted from it.

5.      Reboot the Wireless Router

Whether you have set up the Netgear router using the Nighthawk app or the manual method, technical glitches can become a hurdle in your way unannounced. Chances are they are forcing the LED light located on your networking device to blink red. To convert the status from red to green, you should get rid of these glitches by simply giving your router a new start. This is possible if you restart it.


This concludes the troubleshooting guide written on the several methods through which the Netgear router red light issue can be fixed with ease. Though you will be able to convert the status in a hassle-free manner, by any chance, if you are unable to, then it is high time you consider the possibility that something is wrong with your networking device itself. To get the same confirmed, you should go to the place from where you brought it. Once it gets confirmed that something indeed is wrong with your router, do not shy away from asking for a replacement. For your information, if your device is not under warranty and you have decided to buy a new one, then it is not important that you need to opt for the

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