Mastering the Art of Achieving a Perfect Shave: A Comprehensive Guide

Every man, including you, desires a picture-perfect cutthroat shave that makes you look smart and youthful. And the good news is you can acquire this shaving skill by following a few tricks.

While most go to a barber or a stylist to have a flawless shave, you can learn it yourself with little effort and a change in your shaving habits. Besides, with practice, you can master the skill.

However, the must-have tool and perfect instrument for this process is a cutthroat razorAnd below are a few tips you can consider while trying to shave next time.

Prep up your skin and hair

To have a painless shave, you must splash plenty of warm water on the area you plan to shave. Then, either use a facewash or get a shower to open the pores of the skin.

Make sure you exfoliate the desired area with a scrub and thoroughly massage your moustache or beard with the chosen shaving cream and brush.

However, be aware of the lather getting dried up if not shaved immediately, as shaving becomes ineffective without a wet surface. 

Learn the cutthroat razor-holding techniques

Use your dominant hand and be steady. Then, hold the razor handle between your ring finger and little finger, with the little finger resting on the tang. You can also choose to have the ring finger on the tang.

In addition, always keep the blade at a 30–35-degree angle to the skin. Anything more can cause the risk of cutting yourself; any less, and you tow the hairs out at the root. It is equally important that you learn to maintain the angle as you move over the shapes of your face.

Once you grasp this skill, the shaving speeds up.

Know the starting point

For example, if you are shaving your beard, start from the base of the sideburn and run down the cheek. Then, repeat on the other side until you are left with a strip from your top lip to your throat.

Hold the skin tightly

Pull your skin flat and tout opposite the cutthroat razor to have a clean shave. Besides, if you are used to using sharp razors, feather razors can better help you remove the hair in one stroke.

Do not over-do it

If you are unsatisfied with one stroke and want to re-shave, go for a smaller stroke, but don’t repeat the same action. Wipe the hair and foam on tissue paper or flannel to clean the blade. Also, apply a drop or two of oil once a week to keep the blade from rusting.

Indulge in aftershave care

Use an alum block if you have any wounds or cuts from shaving. It is a stone that must be used with cold water and gently rubbed over the affected area. It acts like an antiseptic and aids razor burns, and helps stop bleeding, leaving your skin cool and fresh.

You can also use a moisturizer, balm, or oil to keep your skin cool.


Apart from the above tips, you must also have proper knowledge before buying a razor.

There are numerous varieties of razor brands. Go for a brand offering many options and producing the best quality products. For example, we have feather razors known for their sharpness, durability, high quality, and many other cutthroat razors with unique features. Not only user-friendly but cutthroat razors are also said to be environmentally friendly.

And since cutthroat razors use a single blade, your skin is subject to less pressure and friction, lessening soreness and damage.

So, with this guide, buy the best razor that suits you and utilize these tips to enjoy a flawless shave.

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