One of the key aspects of self-growth is respecting your body. God gives the body, and how you maintain, it is how you respect the supreme being. One important aspect of self-care is caring about one’s external appearance. One aspect of caring about one’s appearance is caring for the hair. Hair is synonymous with beauty and also one’s self-worth. How an individual feels about themselves is how well they maintain their hair.

While the Romans used olive oil to nourish the hair and vinegar to cleanse the same, shikakai and coconut oil, and reetha was native to India.

However, with the rapid pace of Industrialization, the advent of chemically processed shampoos and the advancement of science the possibilities of growing back our lost mane has increased. One such practice which is prevalent is the medication of hair transplants.

“Hair transplant has gained immense popularity in recent times because of the amazing results it has bought to people’s lives and the boost it has bought to their self-esteem and self-worth. “ explained a doctor expert in hair transplant in Vizag.

However, hair transplant also has its limitations; the patient needs to understand that hair transplant is not all about hair treatments and medicines alone. A hair transplant is a procedure that is a total of lifestyle changes, medicines prescribed by the doctor, and the treatment implied.

This article is not intended to demean Ayurveda or say that hair transplant is the appropriate go-to option but to emphasize both limitations.

“We need to understand that Modern medicine is a derivative of ancient ayurvedic knowledge. Hence even if modern medicine is being prescribed to a patient, the doctor does advise t make certain lifestyle changes like reducing stress, connecting with nature etc.

It is just the same thing, just like a person is receiving chemotherapy but continuing to smoke, that does not help in that case, “ explained a doctor who is well versed in cosmetic surgery in Vizag.

Ayurvedic medicines are great, but they must be dealt with by patients, and one can only expect the results after some time. Also, we need to understand that ayurvedic medicines are concentrated extracts of the vitamin or minerals available in nature. The concentrated extract might not be easily digestible or absorbed into the body. Hence it is always advisable for patients to opt for a form that is easy to absorb by the human body.

Secondly, we also need to understand something that is exposed in nature is exposed to the five natural elements, and hence the growth of microorganisms is more, and the risk of allergies and infections is hence it is always advisable to consult a physician 

before trying out ways and means to self-heal oneself

It is just like the same thing alcohol, when taken in moderation, is known for generating body heat, solving digestion issues and kidney stones, but when beyond one’s capacity can cause diseases like Liver cirrhosis.

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