Carpets are an integral component of Interior Decoration. Carpets not only add to a place’s aesthetic appeal but also give us an insight into the person’s taste and mind. Carpets can be woven or non-woven depending on the person’s taste and the surrounding requirements. Carpets can be fixed to the ground else. Carpets can also be removed from the ground, depending on the type of commercial establishment. In hotels, carpets are mostly fixed to the ground, whereas in homes, the carpets are removable.

But carpets always did not have to exist as it is today; carpets have a history of origin and have been through a series of evolution and are still evolving. Given below are a few mind-boggling carpet facts that you probably might have never heard off.


  1. “The Origin of carpets traces back to the 06th century BC when people used plucked feathers of birds to decorate the interiors of their houses. The plucked feathers initially made their way to window sills and wall hangings a little while later when feathers were woven and glued together and often used as a mat when special guests were arriving at the place, which is till today remained an inherent trait of the carpet to serve as a multi-purpose object to serve as a mat as well as an ornament of interior decoration” explained by cleaners in Vancouver.
  2. In Canada, however, carpets were originally prepared from leaves of certain leaves believed to have therapeutic properties and used in medicine chambers, sick rooms, and infirmaries to provide the patient with a fresher breath of air and hasten the process of recovery.
  3. Carpet weaving was an art that was only restricted to the lower classes, especially hunter-gatherers when they went out hunting and collected birds, the meat was used as a source of nutrition while the feathers were strung by the womenfolk of the community to make carpets.
  4. Carpets in Canada were always made up of leaves. It was only with the invasion of the Mughals that carpet-making involved the use of wool and colourful patterns and verses from the Koran because Bharatvarsh was a trade centre for the entire globe. This widespread popularity of carpets when beyond its usual boundaries.
  5. It was after people started realizing that carpets made from feathers gradually began to wear off because feathers being feathers held a lot of moisture and wore out easily, which is why hunters then started using the hair of yaks and sheep to keep the floors smooth, the elite class had a carpet permanently on the floor, the middle class used it only when there was an expected arrival. At the same time, the subjugated classes prepared the carpets for the above classes.” explained a carpet cleaning service company in Toronto

Which has, till date, remained a practice; carpets are no longer made with love or woven using the authentic carpet-making material that was used in the earlier days. The carpet manufacturing industry has expanded magnanimously since the advent of Industrialization what remains unchanged is the presence of carpets while trying to create an impression and personifying our living spaces.

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