How to Power Cycle Rockspace WiFi Extender?

To make the Rockspace WiFi extender work smoothly, we suggest our users power cycle it once in 15 days. Doing so will ensure that your extender’s performance will never be degraded. Apart from this, the power cycling process is also helpful in resolving many big issues with your range extender like being unable to perform Rockspace extender setup or can’t access re rockspace local, getting a red light on the extender, or being unable to connect it to your host router. There are many more big issues while that can be fixed easily by simply power cycling the Rockspace WiFi extender.

Are you wondering how to power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender? Wonder no more! It’s not rocket science! The restarting or power cycling can be implemented by just executing a few instructions highlighted in this post. So, continue reading this post and know how to give a fresh start to your WiFi range extender just from the comfort of your home.

Steps to Power Cycle Rockspace WiFi Extender

Here are the complete instructions that will help you restarting/ power cycle your range extender in a matter of minutes:

Step 1: First and foremost, unplug your WiFi range extender and turn it off.

If you have connected your router, computer, laptop, or mobile device to your Rockspace WiFi extender, consider disconnecting them till the power cycling process is going on.

Step 2: After unplugging the Rockspace extender, wait for 15-20 minutes. Remain relax and calm and let your extender take some rest as well.

Step 3: Waiting enough for the provided time, plug in back your WiFi extender and turn it on. After you turn the extender on, you will see that the power LED on it (your Rockspace device) has started blinking.

Step 4: Upon blinking, the LED on your extender will become stable.

In this way, you can power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender without hindrance. Now, you can connect your router, computer (s), laptop (s), or mobile device (s) to your Rockspace WiFi extender either using a wireless or Ethernet source and start using the internet from any corner of your house.

Unable to Access Internet After Power Cycling Rockspace Extender?

Are you unable to access the internet after power cycling your Rockspace WiFi extender? If you nod in yes, there is nothing to get worried about anything. It is a very common issue that every Rockspace WiFi extender user across the globe faces after power cycling it.

Call Your ISP Now

Look, getting internet-related issues is not the fault of your Rockspace WiFi extender. Yes, that’s true! The issue could be by the end of your ISP side. So, what you have to do is to contact your internet service provider and ask him if everything is ok from his side. Just in case, you find that you are getting no internet to access because of your ISP, and him to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Connect with Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

What happened? Contacting your ISP doesn’t help you either? Don’t worry! Keep the following important points into consideration to get the access back to the internet:

What’s Next? Connect Rockspace Extender and Router

No connectivity between your internet router and Rockspace extender which also leads to no internet connection issue. So, take an Ethernet cable and connect your WiFi range extender and router. And, if you don’t have an Ethernet cable for connecting your devices, then pair them using a wireless source. Just keep them in reach of each other and press the WPS button on your router. Once you are done pressing the WPS button on your router, wait for one minute, and then press the WPS button on your Rockspace WiFi extender.

Make a Connection between Your Rockspace Extender and Client Device (S)

You might be getting issues while accessing the internet if your client device (s) and your Rockspace extender are not connected to each other. So, consider connecting them and get ready to access the internet throughout your home.

To connect them, take an Ethernet cable, and use it for connecting your devices firmly. Apart from this, open your device and navigate to the WiFi settings. Over there, you can find the default Rockspace extender’s SSID, Rockspace_ext (default). If yes, connect it with using the WiFi password. In this way, you can make a wireless connection between them. But, ensure that you are within range of your Rockspace extender’s SSID (if you want to connect them wirelessly and prevent WiFi signal interference.

Now, log in to the Rockspace extender using re rockspace local web address to see if you can now access the internet.

To Wrap Up

Our article comes to an end now. We hope that the instructions we have provided here will help you power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender like a pro and also deal with the internet-related problem that you have faced after power cycling your extender.

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