At first, a satisfactory car purchase

Initially, everything is fine. You find an interesting used car, at a fair price and in good condition. The test of the car confirms the reliability of the car, the technical inspection is clean, the payment chosen is secure and the seller has answer all your questions. What can go wrong while the seller is perfectly good faith?

Here are the to declare the change of ownership:

The seller has 15 days to declare the sale of the car to the National Agency for Secured and transmit the transfer code to the buyer of the car. The buyer has one month from the day of purchase to declare the change of ownership used car for sale in Lahore to and request the new registration document in their name. He can use the car while the new registration card is being issued using the provisional registration certificate or with the original of the old crossed-out registration card.

However, transferring a vehicle without a transfer certificate is risky.

When the car is potentially moving, this means that it is likely to be the subject of electronic fines. If so, you will receive them. And since there is no certificate of transfer, you will be unable to contest them! This kind of scenario can end badly for the seller, with SATDs and significant amounts taken.

‍The problem: Non-declaration

The administrative declaration of the sale to the National Agency for Secured protects both the seller and the buyer. Failure to declare prevents the car from being register in your name and poses risks for the seller. In the absence of a declaration, the car’s registration document is still in the seller’s name after the sale. New car for sale in Lahore if you commit a criminal offense with your new car (example: speeding), it is the seller who is presum to be the driver.

It is then up to the seller to prove that he sold the car, otherwise the fine will be his responsibility (and the fine will be increased if he takes time to regularize it). For your part as a buyer, you have the right to drive the new vehicle for one month if you have the original cross out registration document (with the detachable coupon). After this period of one month, you can no longer use the car!

Good to know:

The owner has 45 days once the declaration has been made to contest the fines by register mail to the National Agency for Automat Offenses Process or by register letter to be sent to the officer of the public prosecutor (following the instructions receive on the back of the fine). The administration may request compensation from you as a buyer for the damage suffered by the seller.

Causes of non-declaration

ANTS has technical problems preventing the validation of administrative procedures

The seller forgot to make the declaration. It is rare that the seller does not declare the transfer voluntarily, because he himself risks having problems.

Can you sell your car without a registration document?

In the vast majority of cases, no, you cannot sell a vehicle without a registration document. A register vehicle which is not provid with the best car valuation cannot be transfer to the name of the purchas. If the latter purchas the vehicle ignor the rules, he will therefore turn again the seller as soon as his change of ownership is refuse. In addition to ants slowdowns and other blockage that may occur, the causes of the technical problem may be an opposition to the sale or a pledge. Take care to check the administrative status certificate provid. Or check the information by request the administrative history in the dopes application.

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