Transport has become one of the most important needs for the survival of the human race, earlier man only depended on his legs for transport, but now with the rapid increase of industrialization, the need for transport has gone up equally. Transport not only saves time and is more economical but it also makes the traveling of people a hassle-free process. People must opt for a means of transport if they wish to travel faster, more efficiently, and without the worries of reaching safely.

Now means of transport are of two types – the first type is public transport and the second type is private transport. Public transport refers to transport that is available for use by the general public and anybody and everybody is accessible to the same by paying a nominal fee which is used for maintenance and operations.  

People often tend to buy their vehicles firstly because of a sense of security and oneness and secondly because they do not wish to share their space with people whom they do not know. But unknowingly there are causing a lot of damage to the environment around us and the people in general and also oneself in general apart from the social responsibility of keeping the place around us clean, there are many advantages of using public transport let us understand them all in detail.

               When we talk of taxi services the earliest evidence of taxi services or dedicated chauffeurs was only reserved for the upper class but with the advent of world war when survival became a prime necessity that is when taxis carrying multiple people began to get even more popular “explained a taxi service provider who has been offering flat rides for cabs in Sherwood park.

Advantages of using taxi services

  1. Not have to remain focused – While one is traveling in public transport one does not have to be diligent and watchful about the turns and the pathways of the road, he/she can happily while away his or her time listening to one favorite music track while allowing us to do the driving. “laughs a taxi driver who has been working for a while with a taxi service agency in Sherwood park.
  2. Does not lead to congestion and exhaustion – Taxi services do not lead to congestion and exhaustion that tend to block roads because of the increase in the number of vehicles, if everybody begins to own vehicles then roads will get blocked and thus lead to problems of congestion and delay and dissatisfaction.
  3. Economical – The major reason for having owned and used a taxi service is because of the fare that is economical very similar to that of the cost of petrol that is used to pump and nourish vehicles thus people must understand how economical it is to use a taxi service rather than just having the leisure and luxury of owing a private vehicle.
  4. Reduces carbon footprint – Carbon footprint can be defined as the number of carbon emissions that have been reduced over time and thus lead to reduced emissions and safer air quality.

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