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Personalized water bottles, the best way to stay in the minds of your consumers. If you are a sports brand or want your brand to be associated with an active and healthy lifestyle, promotional water bottles are a great option. Aluminium water bottles or plastic water bottles for promotion are a smart way to go with your customers everywhere and impact other people’s subconscious. Use personalised water bottle for your advertising campaigns and let your customers connect your brand to fitness and wellness. Your promotional items are in the best hands. Water is an essential element in our life and we always carry water bottles everywhere, so what is better than a personalized water sports bottle then!

Promotional sports bottles

Water bottles were one of the first items to be used as corporate gadgets; Its daily use and popularity is an advertising opportunity for your brand that cannot be missed. One of the great advantages of promotional water bottles is that any type of audience can use them, especially sports people. In Diagonal Horizon we are able to put at your disposal more than 100 models of branded sports water bottles so that your Merchandise promotional campaigns can turn into a huge success.

Types of water bottles customized with your logo

 We have special water bottles for football, cyclists, runners, adventurers, students, workers, to mix proteins or to keep your drinks cold. We want you to find the personalized water bottle that fits the values ​​and image of your company, choose from more than 100 models at your disposal.

Aluminium water bottle

Aluminium is the lighter alternative to steel  , but also less resistant than the latter. Sometimes the same model is made of both materials which are used for the production of the different components such as cap, container and other finishes.

Stainless steel sports water bottle

This model is perfect for your brand if you want to project an elegant and sophisticated image even in their sports version.

Steel water bottle

Stainless steel  is always a guarantee when preparing to purchase any type of utensil or food container, as it is a robust, resistant and easy to clean material. Many of the classic hand bottles with screw opening are made of this material, therefore quite safe and functional.

Cheap personalized sports water bottles

These promotional water bottles are another great option, they are small in size and can be placed anywhere after its use anywhere.  The best water bottles are excellent for sale in Australia, for any advertising action taking place in shopping malls, sports teams, schools or any other place or outlets. The collapsible water bottle can also be a good option for children, its attractive and original design transforms them into fun and functional objects for the little ones.


When you are preparing to buy a water bottle, it is important to choose the most effective material suitable for your lifestyle and the use to which you want to put the water bottle. For example, if you have decided to buy one to always keep with you in your bag, it is better for it not to weigh too much, while if you want to take it on an excursion or to the beach, a water bottle made of isothermal material will be more appropriate. Let’s find out together what the various options are among the many materials available on the market.

Water bottle with an ice bar

This is the right model to give a little more to your customers so that they can always have their drinks fresh. This type of promotional bottle will allow your customers to carry them comfortably and safely. This is the ideal Glass Bottle for warm places, spring or summer.

Personalized water bottle with carabiner. 

Promotional water bottle

In Diagonal Horizon we know how important it is to make a difference, select the one you like and send us your logo. You can count on our customer service, combining the experience and strengths of the team. We will create a realistic mock up of your bottle with your logo. We are your best allies in business gadgets.

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