How to Get Facebook Followers in 2024: Top 7 Tips

Wondering how do you get followers on Facebook? Facebook remains a crucial platform for content creators in 2024. In this piece, we’ll explore the strategies to boost your Facebook followers, methods to trim your follower list, the legitimacy of purchasing followers, and additional insights. Let’s dive into the world of maximizing your presence on Facebook!

How can I gain followers on Facebook?

Wondering how to increase your Facebook followers? Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for instant success. Just like growing your audience on Instagram or TikTok, achieving viral fame overnight is a rare occurrence.

However, fear not! The key to gaining more Facebook followers lies in dedicating additional time, putting in extra effort, and occasionally investing some funds. Now, let’s delve into a popular but questionable shortcut: buying Facebook followers.

Is buying Facebook followers illegal?

Have you heard the suggestion to buy Facebook followers? Yes, it’s possible to purchase them. Legally, it’s not forbidden, and it doesn’t explicitly violate Facebook’s terms of service.

However, there’s a catch – Facebook expressly prohibits fake accounts, which is likely what you’ll end up with if you decide to buy followers.

Facebook rightly contends that fake accounts and likes offer no real value in the long run, except for the scammers peddling them.

Once these phony followers are spotted, they will be removed, causing your like/follower count to decline. This not only tarnishes your online image but is simply not a wise investment!

How do I get free followers on Facebook?

Want more Facebook followers without spending a penny? While there are legitimate paid methods to boost your follower count, there are also numerous free strategies to attract them. Here are some tips, tricks, and hacks to gain Facebook followers without breaking the bank.

Connect with your network – properly

Looking to increase your Facebook followers? While it might be tempting to spam everyone you know with requests to like your page, we strongly advise against it.

Even manual efforts could lead to your page being temporarily blocked for spam, not to mention that people might find it a bit annoying.

Instead, focus on inviting individuals who genuinely appreciate and would share your content. Target friends, family, and colleagues who align with the content you’re sharing on your page.

For instance, there’s no sense in sending your parody jazz page to a coworker who dislikes jazz. Be discerning and choose those who will actively engage with and share your content.

Don’t be shy – use your other platforms

Got a sizable Instagram following or made a name on YouTube? Leverage your existing fanbase by reposting your Facebook content on these platforms.

If you’re established on Instagram, repurpose your short-form Facebook videos for Instagram Reels. Just remember to include a link or comment indicating the content’s origin. This way, you can potentially guide people back to your Facebook page!

Teasers are fine, but be honest with your content

Beware of clickbait saturating the internet. While it might be tempting to use misleading thumbnails or video descriptions, it’s not a sustainable strategy for gaining Facebook followers. People will feel deceived and are unlikely to follow you.

Always maintain honesty when presenting your content – you can still create an eye-catching, relevant thumbnail without misleading your audience. Find the balance between ‘teasing’ and ‘downright misleading,’ and as long as your content delivers, you’ll be in good shape!

Keep abreast of content and platform trends

Social media evolves rapidly, and staying in the loop is crucial. Platforms constantly compete and adjust their offerings, leading to similar services across different platforms.

Keep yourself updated on platform trends. When a new feature rolls out on Facebook, it receives an initial boost, as the platform wants it to succeed. Users are eager to explore these features, so if your content is among the first, you stand a better chance of gaining more Facebook followers.

Stay attuned to content trends. Who could have anticipated the surge of TikToks being shared on Facebook Stories? Being aware of these shifts can give your content a timely edge.

Engage with your community

Share your thoughts in the comments! We want to hear from you. Respond to this post, and we’ll give shoutouts! Remember, people follow your Facebook page for your content.

Engage with your audience by asking for opinions. Don’t just follow the latest content trends; ensure your followers feel heard.

Appeal to their ears. The right soundtrack can make or break a video. Avoid bad music – at Epidemic Sound, choose from 40,000 royalty-free tracks and 90,000 sound effects to perfect the vibe every time. Explore our catalog below!

Create content often and consistently

Craft a content calendar. Professionals rely on them, and though yours doesn’t need to be as packed, it’s a smart move.

Regular content production gives people a reason to revisit your profile, engage with your videos. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of your content appearing on others’ Watch feeds.

Use hashtags

Think beyond Instagram or Twitter; hashtags are effective on Facebook too. There are two avenues to explore here.

  • Niche-relevant hashtags: These precisely define your content. For instance, a skateboarding video could use #skateboard, #skateboarding, and hashtags for specific tricks inspired by your Tony Hawk PS1 games.
  • Audience-focused hashtags: Broader topics like #fitspo or #movietime categorize your content. They help users grasp your content theme without delving into specifics.

For more Facebook followers using hashtags, research on Facebook’s mobile app. It features a hashtag autocomplete function, predicting your input and revealing the number of people using those hashtags.


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