We have all heard of the story of Abhimanyu in the Mahabharata who while in the womb of his mother Subhadra was able to know the seven ways to enter the chakravyuh but was unable to grasp the ways how to exit it as his mother fell asleep thus he was not able to come out of the same. The story of Mahabharata the Indian epic conveys a larger message that is that the mother is the direct point of contact with the child. The child receives nutrition from the mother through the umbilical cord which is attached to the child’s stomach and is removed after birth and left with depression which most of us have.

But does the mental state of the mother also have an impact on the foetus which is carried inside the womb, let us understand the same in detail.

There is a reason why the elders of the family always advise the mother to read spiritual books, stay away from fights, and practice meditation, but because of modern-day lifestyle changes and the rapidity of advancement, we often tend to shun them away.


  1. A popular IVF centre in Punjab has been continuously dedicating itself to research in the field of IVF and one thing that they have managed to crack is the effect of Prenatal stress on the unborn baby. Pregnancy is a phase of womanhood when there is an extreme level of hair loss, morning sickness and also backaches thus at times it may be difficult for the new mom to cope with the same.
  2. That is where the responsibility of the IVF clinics comes into play, IVf clinics should set up mindfulness activities for carrying mothers to keep them usefully busy and also generate feel-good hormones in the body. For people who can afford an IVF, they need to choose an IVF centre wisely that has the following facilities and also be mentally prepared that the cost may vary along with the facilities provided. The test tube baby cost in Punjab at a centre providing the above facilities will be on the higher side than those not providing the same, hence couples especially males should view it as a one-time investment and focus on the long-term joy it will bring into their lives rather than focusing on the numbers on the bill.
  3. The research was conducted by a well-known IVF doctor in Punjab who said when there are emotions like anxiety, stress, frustration and jealousy there is radiation around the body of the individual which in turn tends to increase the blood pressure, palpitation and shortness of breath and when the blood supply of oxygen is unable to reach the baby it is what causes we all know as a “Blue baby”. Thus it is for mothers and people in general who have been advised to breathe deep to ensure proper flow of oxygen to all organs of the body.


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