Tips On How To Choose The Best Oppo Mobile Phones Under 20000

If you are planning to purchase the latest smartphone for yourself, you can definitely invest in the best-selling Oppo mobiles. You can pick the best mobiles under 20000 from Oppo. 

The oppo phone price starts from a very affordable range for you to purchase. Here are the tips on how to choose the best Oppo mobile phones under 20000. Read to know more!

Tips to choose the best Oppo phone under 20000

  • Before purchasing the best Oppo smartphone for your usage, make sure to list out your requirements to help understand your priority usage. For example, if gaming is your primary purpose, opt for the latest phone that has a high-end processor. 
  • Consider the best available models that are in the budget range that is comfortable for you. The latest Oppo phone price also starts from a very affordable range for the users to purchase. 
  • Make sure to analyze all the specifications of the smartphone before you opt to purchase it. 
  • Once you shortlist the best mobiles under 20000, you can easily compare their features online to pick out the best one for you. 
  • You need to properly check the processor, display quality, and screen size of your phone along with the battery backup proficiency. 

Here are the latest and most liked Oppo mobiles under 20000 for your perusal. 

  1. OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G:

One of the best mobiles under 20000, the best oppo phone price compared to the available features and specifications. The super quality AMOLED display makes this mobile a perfect option when you are looking for an entertainment option. The mobile has 8GB RAM and 128GB memory space which is ideal for the price you pay for. The design is so minimalistic yet classy too. 

If you are looking for gaming options, then this will fit your needs and at the same time falls on the budget-friendly side. There is also a no-cost EMI option, which you can enable based on your needs and budget options. The refresh rate of this mobile is around 60Hz, which is the cooler option to go with. Also, the MediaTek processor makes sure there is no such sort of hindrance while using multiple applications at the same time.

  1. Oppo F19 Pro:

The Oppo phone price is around 18K, which is super cool considering the options available in the mobile designs. The mobile has an Android 11 version with about 60Hz refresh rate. The mobile has an LED flash with the best front and back camera options. This also comes under the best mobiles under 20000. 

The mobile possesses the processor of MediaTek Helio P95, which makes usage customer friendly. There are two slim slots available and a 4310mAh battery capacity. The mobile has 8GB RAM along with 128GB memory storage with an ultra-sleek design and the best minimalistic appearance. A simple supermodel design is available on the low pricey side.

  1. Oppo F17 Pro:

This is one of the spectacular devices where stunning specifications and features go on and on. Some of the features include an on-screen fingerprint sensor, 8GB RAM + 128GB storage space, and the best MP front and back camera. When you are someone who always likes to click and capture memories, this Oppo F17 mobiles under 20000 is the best option to go with. 

The processor used in this model is the MediaTek Helio P95, which has uninterrupted and hindrance-free operations. The mobile has Gorilla glass with about a 6 inch display. The model has Android v10 OS with type C charging capacity. The Octa Core setup with the right storage gives a perfect gaming experience. 

The instant charging makes this mobile super customer-friendly and is also considered the best in terms of oppo phone price. If you feel that the mobile is pricey, you can look for EMI options where you can pay the amount in small bricks within the allotted time period.

  1. Oppo A96 4G:

This oppo phone price is around 18K and is considered the best mobiles under 20000. The mobile has an about 7 inch display with about a 90Hz refresh rate. The camera is one of the best features present in this mobile. It has an LED display with about 16MP camera options. 

The Oppo A96 mobile has about 5000mAh battery capacity with supercharging type C port. In terms of memory, the model has about 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. 

The storage of the model can also be extended to about 1TB. The fingerprint sensor is present on the sides of the mobile with also safe charging capacity. There is also one of the best options present in the mobile which is the AI night charge in a protection mode. Some of the other features included as others are Bluetooth, hotspots, type c cable connection, etc.

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