How To Get More Post Likes on Facebook in 2024?

Any self-respecting company has probably asked you to like them on Facebook. Facebook remains the most used social media platform in the world, so any visibility your business can achieve is ideal. But having a business on Facebook is only part of the story: you also have to be popular. And popularity on Facebook is reflected in post likes.

How To Get More Post Likes on Facebook?

Let’s take a closer look at how to get more post likes on Facebook. There are two different types of post likes you want to receive: post likes for your posts and post likes for your business page. Both are interconnected and crucial to success on Facebook. These 7 tips can help you get post likes for your content and page.

Write About Current Topics

You’d be surprised how many messages we get these days on the topic of AI engagement. So if you work in tech and haven’t delved into this topic yet, now is the time to write an interesting article about AI in your industry and post it on Facebook. Buzzsumo shows that an article about machine learning and artificial intelligence generated almost a million interactions – an impressive number of winners.

But there’s an article about a pickle recipe that Delish has followed more than a million times. In concrete terms, he received 241,399 shares. To get more shares on Facebook, keep an eye on what your audience is interested in and provide relevant information.

Conduct Competitive Research

Another great way to get more post likes on Facebook is to reverse engineer your competitors’ strategies. First, find out who your most successful competitors are. These are the brands/influencers that get the most Facebook followers likes/interactions/ in your niche (they must have the same audience as you).

Then look at what they do. How do they get so many orders? Is there a specific type of message format they focus on? What type of content do they create? Do they amplify their contributions or are their results completely organic? Take what you’ve learned and apply it to your strategy.

To save time, we recommend using a competitive analysis tool instead of doing everything manually. Social status is a good option.

Create Viral Content

The best way to get thousands of post likes on Facebook is to create a post that goes viral. Viral messages are shared by a large number of people. The best examples of viral posts can reach millions of people and receive tens of thousands of post likes.

Humor can be a great way to increase the virality of your posts. People like to share content that makes them laugh with their friends. That’s why funny posts get so many post likes and shares. Other types of posts that often go viral include motivational content, puzzles, humanized stories, and scientific research.

Optimize Your About Section.

One of the easiest things you can do to get more post likes on your Facebook business page is to fully optimize your About section and URL. First, make sure you include as much relevant information as possible in the “About” section. You don’t want to fill it with nonsense, but the more context you can provide about who you are as a company, the more Facebook will prioritize your posts over companies that don’t have complete information.

You should also optimize the About section with relevant keywords to improve your website. Remember that Facebook is a social platform, but also a search engine. You want your page to show up when your followers search for specific queries related to your business.

For example, in the image above, you can see that Birdeye’s About section contains keywords such as offers, reviews, recommendations, and surveys. Adding the right keywords for your business can help you meet your audience’s expectations and appear higher in Facebook search results.

Keep The Text Short

Just as important as images are social media descriptions with photos or shared links. The shorter and funnier the better, unless you’re telling a detailed personal story. Your social media description can ask a question, state a fact, or mention a famous quote. However, remember that it must appeal to your audience’s emotions and add logic to the image you already have. Momondo offers a series of messages that encourage us to love the world we live in. Find one

Repeating a topic means you have to think less about what you want to write, but it will still help you get post likes for your Facebook page and attract readers who are curious enough to come back and check you out. view social media posts to share.

Use Images and Videos

Photos and videos take up more space on Facebook than traditional text messages and are therefore more visible. Visual contributions from

They also attract the user’s attention more effectively, causing them to stop scrolling and become more attentive. This makes Facebook users more likely to like, comment, and share posts with photos and videos than regular posts. In fact, the average Facebook video has an engagement rate of 0.26%, significantly higher than other posts.

The bottom line: if you want more post likes, make sure you use images and videos in your posts.

Know The Latest Facebook Trends

If you want to get more post likes on Facebook, you need to be relevant. By following the latest trends, you can discover what your audience expects on the platform and meet them where they are.

For example, Facebook’s parent company claims that Reels is the fastest-growing content format. So if you’re not focusing on this form of content, you should. You can bet that if you don’t create the most popular form of content on the platform, your audience will think you’re ahead of the curve.

Recent research also shows that albums increasingly receive a higher commercial engagement than other releases. Companies often post albums on Facebook after major events. Those who attended the event are eager to return to view photos of the event and share their experiences on their Facebook page.

Following the latest trends on Facebook can also help you see what to avoid. For example, posts with an in-text link can cut your engagement rate in half. These are just a few examples of the latest trends on Facebook, but there are always more. Knowing what’s popular on Facebook can help you take action and benefit from it. Be as relevant as possible to your audience and you will see your post likes increase significantly.

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