How to Use Spotify Web Player- Explained?

When using your PC for any task, you might want to listen to music using Spotify; however, you do not want to increase the number of apps present on your laptop or computer. 

Well, Spotify has created a very brilliant option for people who do not want to download the web application on their computers, rather they can use the Spotify web player to listen to as many songs as they want using their computer while they are working. The web player is a very efficient thing that people can use if they have a free account as the web player works well with your free account. Now, we know that many users do not know how to use Spotify – web player and this is why here we are with a guide where you will get to know all the instructions and details that you can use to access Spotify web player. 

Read all the commands and information shared in the guide and start your magnificent musical journey on your laptop. 

What Is the Process to Access Spotify Web Player?

If you think that the process to access Spotify web player is very difficult then, you do not need to worry as there are some very uncomplicated directions that you need to adhere to when you want to access Spotify web player. 

  1. Start the process by accessing the official website of Spotify web player which is webplayer. Spotify on any web browser that you are choosing to use. 
  2. Now, you need to click on the ‘login’ option present on the web page. 

Remember that if you do not have an existing account then, the web player also provides you with the opportunity to create a new account using the ‘Sign Up’ option. 

  1. Now, you need to type the username and password of your Spotify account or you can also choose ‘Login with Facebook’ if you have used your Facebook account to log into Spotify. 
  2. Once you are logged into your account, you will find yourself on the homepage of the Spotify web player. 

These are the simple instructions that will make it very easy for you to access the Spotify web player without any errors or issues. 

How can you use Spotify Web Player?

Now that you know how to access the web.player Spotify, we are also going to tell you about the functioning of the website so that you can easily use the web player to access and listen to songs and podcasts.

The layout of the Spotify web player is quite simple and you can easily understand it if you have already used the mobile application. You will see all the available options that you have on the website or you can also use the search bar available on the web player to look for any song that you wish to listen to. 

Final Words

The website also has separate links for new songs, featured songs, and podcasts so that you can locate anything that you want on the Spotify web player without facing any trouble.

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