Here is What Happened to Krishna’s Body after Death 

Here is What Happened to Krishna’s Body after Death 

Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, has always had a special place in Hindu mythology. He epitomizes love, kindness, compassion, and righteousness. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna helped Dharma win over Adharma by guiding and advising the Pandavas in order to vanquish the Kauravas. He especially acted as a philosopher and friend to the great warrior, Arjun. However, the epic battle not only resulted in numerous deaths and devastation on both sides, it also rang the death knell for Krishna. So, what happened to Krishna’s body after death? How did he die? Though he no longer walks among us in the human form, can we still experience his divine touch? Let’s find out.      

Queen Gandhari’s curse 

On the last day of Mahabharata’s war, death and devastation took over the battlefield in an unprecedented way. All hundred Kaurava sons of the pious Queen Gandhari lay slain, including Duryodhana, her first-born. Broken-hearted and angered beyond measure, she asked Lord Krishna why he allowed it to happen and said that he could have easily prevented the war with his divine power. Gandhari felt further betrayed as she was a devout worshipper of Lord Vishnu. 

Though Krishna reasoned that the outcome of the war was inevitable and he had cautioned Duryodhana about the same, Gandhari could not be appeased. She then cursed the lord that he would meet his end after 36 years from that day. She also cursed that the entire Yadava clan would be destroyed and Dwarka would be devoured by a mighty flood. 

The curse came true  

Indeed, after 36 years, one day, all the Yadava men gathered on the banks of River Prabhas for merrymaking. They got inebriated soon and a scuffle broke out between Satyaki and Kritavarma, two warriors who fought for the Pandavas and Kauravas respectively. While some Yadava men started supporting Satyaki, others favoured Kritavarma. Quickly, the brawl turned into a war, as Lord Krishna watched sadly from a wooded area. 

Suddenly, an arrow hit him in the left foot. Jara, a hunter, had mistaken the lord’s foot as the ear or mouth of a deer. When he realised the error, he was deeply shaken and begged Krishna for forgiveness. Vasudeva, however, assured the hunter that it was all meant to be. He also added that Jara was Bali in his past life and he himself was Lord Rama who had destroyed the former. So, it was all karma. And then the lord breathed his last. But what happened to Krishna’s body after death? 

Lord Krishna’s heart lives on 

When Arjuna, along with the other Pandavas, arrived at Dwarka to stop the Yadava war, all was over. Both Krishna and his elder brother Balarama had passed away. Immensely saddened, Arjuna burned both their bodies and immersed the ashes in the nearby river. However, Lord Krishna’s heart continued to beat. So, it was drowned in the river, after which the Pandavas decided to return to Hastinapur along with all the Yadava women and children. As they walked away, the sea engulfed Dwarka. Meanwhile, Krishna’s beating and floating heart transformed into a soft iron rod. 

What happened to Krishna’s transformed heart? 

Years later, Indradyumna, a Pandya king and ardent follower of Lord Vishnu, dreamt that he would find his god in the shape of Nila Madhava. Next day, he located it and established Lord Jagannath Temple. Then, when he went for a bath in the river where Arjuna had drowned Krishna’s heart, he discovered the soft iron rod. Lord Vishnu whispered to him that his heart would never leave the mortal world. The king than rushed to Lord Jagannath’s idol and concealed the iron rod inside it. No one was allowed to see or touch it. 

Lord Krishna is always with you 

While his mortal body perished, Lord Krishna’s divine form continued to permeate the world and the cosmos. If you pray to him sincerely, embrace his teachings, and believe in him, the lord will always be with you. You can also bring home a Krishna idol to fill your life with positive vibes, peace, love, and wellness. 

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