Embroidery Digitizing Services for all Budgets

Embroidery Digitizing Services

The method of converting a picture or design into a file that an embroidery machine can peruse is performed by digitizers to digitize embroidery. You can make special embroidered items if you have proper knowledge of this process. There are various embroidery digitizing services available, going. For some digitizing services, you have to pay a few dollars while other digitizing services take hundreds of dollars. The difference between their price is due to the quality of services they provide.

Let us discuss various types of embroidery digitizing services, the factors that influence the expense of embroidery digitizing, and how to find affordable digitizing services.

Types of Digitizing Services

The two primary kinds of digitizing are online and local.

1. Oline Digitizing: There are many online digitizing services available. You can access an extensive range of features and options if you are using online services. One more advantage of these services is that they are affordable. There is also one drawback of these services that you will get your results after a long wait.

2. Local Digitizing Services are near your location. The advantage of these services is that they deliver results very quickly and more personal service than online Services. There are two disadvantages of these services which are the following:

  • They are expensive.
  • They do not have a variety of features.

Factors Influencing the Expense of Embroidery Digitizing

The expense of embroidery digitizing will rely on various factors, including:

The intricacy of the design: There is more time required to digitize the complex design. If more time is required, then the expense of digitizing services will be higher.

The number of colors: The quantity of colors has a great impact on the cost. If the number of colors is greater then it’s obvious that the price of digitizing service will be higher.

The turnaround time: The service which has a fast turnaround time will charge more. If you want your design digitized quickly then you have to pay an extra fee.

The level of service: Some digitizing services offer many features and options. These features and options increase the charges. If the number of features is high, then the charges of digitizing services are also high.

How to Find Affordable Digitizing Services

There are various ways of finding digitizing services. The following are some tips:

  • Get quotes from various organizations. First, do your research, when the research is complete, shortlist some good digitizing services. Then, get quotes from those shortlisted companies.
  • Search for online embroidery digitizing services. As we already discussed above online digitizing services are more affordable than local services. So, try to find online digitizing services.
  • Think about using a freelance digitizer. There are various freelance digitizers who offer their services online. You can simply guide him on what you want. He or she will complete your task quickly. You need to pay them.
  • Ask your embroidery machine dealer for recommendations. You can also ask your embroidery machine dealer for any good digitizing service because these people have knowledge regarding that.

Convert Image to PES File

If you want to embroider an image, you first need to make sure that it is in a PES file. A PES format is a common format among embroidery machines. You can also use digitizing service for this task. Most digitizing services offer a PES file transformation service.

The expense of converting a picture to a PES file varies relying on the service you use. If you want to use high-quality and advanced service, you need to pay more. But if you have a low budget, then you can choose a basic service.

Once the conversion of an image is done, you can stitch it on a garment. You can go to an embroidery shop, or you can ask any digitizer to do that.


Digitizing embroidery is an incredible method for making embroidered items. You can find various digitizing services according to your budget. The only thing you must ensure is research to find good services.

Here are a Few Extra Tips to find the Right Digitizing Service for You:

  • Peruse online reviews. By reading online reviews, you will get an idea of the reputation of that digitizing service, its quality of work, and its turnaround time.
  • Make sure that the service offers the features you need. Ask the digitizers of companies about your required features.

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Absolute Digitizing accommodates team of expert embroidery digitizers. Additional services include vector conversion and image digitizing with impeccable quality.

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