What Are the Ways to Change Delta Ticket Name?

Delta Airlines is a blooming airway that has classified its image as an excellent travel option for many flyers. The specific policies of Delta Airlines are exquisite, but you have to abide by Delta policies as Delta is slightly adamant about its rules and regulations.  

People often fill their credentials wrong, especially in their name spelling. Therefore, in this post, you will see the details about Delta Airlines name change policy and all the ways to change your name on a ticket. 

Major Highlights of Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

The Delta name change policy gives the flexibility to modify certain personal details. However, it is feasible when you follow the below-listed guidelines regarding the name change policy:

  • It is not possible to use this policy to transfer a ticket to some other person.
  • A complete name change is not allowed.
  • Small modifications to the initial, middle, and last names are permitted.
  • Travelers can add some letters to their last name without modifying their characteristics. In this case, they should complete all the paperwork accurately.
  • Ideally, Delta Airlines name change policy should be used before check-in. After boarding, its use will be limited.
  • Even to change seats on Delta flights or use other facilities, amending the name prior is essential.

How Do You Change The Name on A Delta Airlines Ticket?

The Delta Airlines name change procedure can be dependent on the booking method. Hence, there are many ways to alter this information on a ticket. 

Option 1: By using the official Delta website

On the official Delta Airlines website, people can change names with ease. This procedure can be done quickly with a few steps listed below:

Option 2: Over the phone

  • Step 1: Open the Delta Airlines website.
  • Step 2: Select the “My trips” option.
  • Step 3: Enter the flight “Confirmation number” and passenger “Last name.”
  • Step 4: Press the arrow on the right.
  • Step 5: Select the “Name change” option.
  • Step 6: Provide the required documents, such as ID proof.
  • Step 7: Verify modifications and immediately print a new copy of the ticket.

Passengers can correct their names on plane tickets by calling Delta Airlines professional. Over the phone, they have to give some details to go ahead with the name change or correction. Here are the few steps that you need to follow to start the process:

  • Make a call to the Delta Air carrier by using the official helpline number.
  • Give them a brief explanation for the call.
  • To help in locating the passenger’s reservation, all necessary information should be given.
  • The process requires the submission of personal details as well.
  • The air carriers will continue the process after verifying the details.
  • The necessary payment of Delta Airlines name change fee has to be paid.
  • After modifying, the airlines will inform the flyers.

Option 3: At the Airport

The names on flight tickets can be changed at the airport. As follows:

  1. First, The passenger must meet the airport professional.
  2. They should share their concern regarding incorrect details.
  3. After that, submit some required documents. 
  4. Once you provide all the details, the official will check the eligibility criteria.
  5. When qualified, changes can be made by paying some fees.

How Much is Delta Airlines Name Change Fee?

Passengers need to pay some cost to change their name on Delta Airlines tickets. Generally, charges are required when they change their name on the ticket. It is important to know that these alterations are sometimes free, too. 

Delta charges $75 if the name correction is made within 24 hours of flight booking. After that, the cost may range from $125 to $500, with $275 being the standard charge. However, additional charges in the name of fare difference may also apply. Further, according to the Delta Airlines name change policy, the price may be based on some factors.

  • It is based on the ticket type you purchased.
  • The fees for changing the name on a Delta ticket may vary for international and domestic flights.
  • It is suggested to connect with this airline to know the current fee structure.
Final Verdict!

Delta Airlines provides inexpensive online and offline ways to make changes after a plane ticket reservation. The above-listed step-by-step guide helps you make changes online and offline and provides you with some important details regarding Delta name change policy. 

Even then, you can contact the airline agent anytime if you face any issues during the process or need more information about the policy. Further, you can dial this number +1-800-865-1848 when the official number is not responding to you.

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