Embark on an International Journey and IELTS Classes Near Me

The goal to achieve the best place in a university abroad depends highly on your application. And this depends highly on how and what resources you take for your future preparation.

No doubt, students panic with worries like, “Are there IELTS classes near me?”

Well, do not worry! This article has some of the best resources for you to prepare well. Read on to find out!

Free Online Resource for IELTS Preparation

Road to IELTS can assist you in preparing for an excellent IELTS score as the most well-liked online preparation course offered by the British Council.

Course content includes:

  • IELTS Academic and General Training – Online materials available for both tests
  • Practice zone – Prepare reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening questions just as you would find in the test
  • Sample videos – get advice and learn from previous test takers
  • Teacher Tutorials – learn exactly what to do (and what not to do) from experts
  • Timed practice tests – both IELTS on paper and computer tests are available
  • “My Progress” section – Meet your targets using planning and tracking tools
  • “Resource Bank” section – gain access to the score calculator, test countdown, and other resources to improve your plan.

How Can These Resources Help You?

  • Advice from IELTS experts: Learn the tips and tricks that will give you the best chance of getting the band score you need.
  • IELTS mock papers: When you’re ready, why not experience timed IELTS practice papers, created by the team of the British Council? Print them out and do them in test conditions or do them on the IELTS on a computer simulator so they’re exactly like the real thing.
  • Plan and track: With so many IELTS study materials to get through, use the Study Planner to prepare for the test efficiently. Then, you can track your progress to ensure you’re meeting your targets.
  • Interactive exercises: You can explore the IELTS question and task types with 300+ online interactive sessions. The important part is it comes with instant marking and feedback.

Now here are some recommendations that can bring you all the IELTS classes near me without stress.

British Council Website

The British Council’s IELTS preparation website comes in first on the list.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment were the ones to launch the IELTS exam in 1989.

A short while later, the IDP joined.

In order to allow other nations (besides from Great Britain) to participate in the development and administration of the exam, IELTS Australia (International Development Programme of the Australian Universities and Colleges) was established.

You may find a lot of helpful information on the British Council website under the “Prepare” section, including:

  • Prerequisites for the IELTS exam, free practise tools
  • Training materials and online IELTS examinations
  • IELTS advice on how to conduct yourself on test day
  • IELTS exam study guides and the free online course


  • Sections of the information are neatly organized.
  • Given that it is offered by one of the test’s designers, it is official and tried and true.
  • IELTS practise tests for all 4 skills are widely available.

Cambridge English Website

The website is an excellent resource for all Cambridge English Assessment tasks from.

Despite being one of several sections on the website, the IELTS part is nonetheless interesting.

The fact that all the information on Cambridge’s IELTS resource is official is by far its most significant benefit.

The website is divided into 4 primary sections:

  1. The IELTS Exam Format
    1. Section on preparation
    1. IELTS Exam Dates
    1. IELTS Exams Results

IDP IELTS website

The website IDP promotes itself as the official IELTS testing facility in Australia. The IELTS trademark is shared by IDP IELTS. Hence, the information on the website is absolutely legitimate.

Over the years, Australians, however, have been happy with a more user-friendly interface than the previous two resources. The website’s layout resembles that of

The sections “Preparation,” “Book test,” “Results,” and “Frequently Asked Questions” are also included.

Numerous articles on exam requirements, myths and rumors, some advice concerning examiners, and details on master classes can be found under the section on training.

But, most importantly, you will get to know about and workshops on test preparation.

You can register for the exam, read the test guidelines, and learn what to expect on the exam day in the “Book a test” option

Also, you can read about the evaluation standards, access the exam results online and even ask for a point recount under the “Results” section. website

IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge English Assessment, and the British Council jointly manage, the official IELTS website.

It varies from the previous ones in that it has a lot of organized information, to start with.

On the website, you may schedule exams, find out about the necessary preparation, and learn how to set a minimum IELTS score for hiring.

In general, there is a ton of official material that is both intriguing and hard to find in the three prior sources.

IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge English Assessment, and the British Council jointly manage, the official IELTS website.

It varies from the previous ones in that it has a lot of organized information, to start with.

On the website, you may schedule exams, find out about the necessary preparation, and learn how to set a minimum IELTS score for hiring.

IELTS Exam website

Lastly, you can use the very useful tool for IELTS preparation that includes plenty of real-world exercises for the exam’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening areas.

It is crucial that all practical assignments be divided into both exam parts and topic groups.

For instance, by choosing the Speaking section, we can select any subject that may be covered there, and we will then be presented with a conversation card.

On the website, in addition to the activities themselves, you can find sample answers and the conditions for each component.

Here you can get –

  • Information and quantity of training resources that are relevant to the actual test tasks are provided.
  • Examples of students’ responses are provided.
  • Even grammar tests are available on the website for anyone looking to enhance their grammar for the IELTS.

With all these resources at your disposal, you can definitely do well in your upcoming IELTS test!

Author Bio – Lina Luice is a well-known online career counselor. In addition, she is a published author who resides in London. She is also associated with where she offers queries like – “Are there IELTS classes near me?”

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