Tips for Riding with Luggage on Your Motorcycle

Traveling by motorcycle is a great experience like no other. To maintain the freedom on wheels, you must ensure you don’t overburden the vehicle with luggage. Go by the correct tips for riding with luggage and maintain the correct weight while traveling. 

Trying to take anything on a motorcycle may not be a good idea if you don’t know how to tie them down. 

Below are some tips for riding with luggage on your motorcycle, whether commuting or touring. 

Soft or Hard Luggage 

In hard luggage, you know that your essential gears are perfect and tight. Be it a cross-country tour or a nearby ride, don’t miss on gear security. It is one of the vital tips for riding with luggage on your motorcycle. 

Soft luggage offers high compressibility. With it, you can easily squeeze through a narrow lane, traffic or a single track. It will not fall off and sits firmly in its position with proper packing with the motorcycle. 

Luggage Should be Dustproof and Waterproof 

When looking for motorcycle accessories and luggage bags, try high-quality and waterproof options. These are perfect for long rides, and you do not know how the weather will treat you. Use perfectly waterproof and dustproof materials to keep you going easily without getting wet on a long way. 

How Much Can the Vehicle Carry?

Pack your luggage as per the vehicle type so that it won’t impact its performance, no matter its speed. This is where the drag profile of the vehicle matters and how much it can handle throughout the ride. If you have a pannier setup in the motorcycle, consider how much luggage would weigh with mud or bugs.   

In the tips for riding with luggage, apart from deciding on the right gear, you have to consider whether it will be suitable to secure the loads. 

Use Interior Rack Space Correctly 

So, you have set the side racks rightly. Make the best use of the space between the vehicle frame and the pannier mount. Keep hard tools or use them as an effective storage space. You can also carry some essential gear and tools in side bags for bikes without using the side boxes. You are ready for a day-long ride with the essential gear. 

Does Your Weight Impacts Suspension?

Gears, luggage and all mounting racks directly impact how the motorcycle can handle it. Practice the luggage setup before the final take and go by the manufacturer’s manual guidance. The correct adjustments and recommendations will help bring things in place. Don’t forget to even out the weight on the vehicle. So, a tank bag or ant front-end luggage bag would be suitable as tips for riding with luggage. 

Accessories and Equipment Should be Bike Specific 

Though some luggage options like panniers may be expensive, any cheap alternative can impact the motorcycle’s performance. It can be problematic if not waterproof, disrupting the weight balance throughout the journey. Pick luggage accessories perfect for your vehicle’s model and ride comfortably. It is one of the essential tips for riding with luggage. Test it before you finally try it.

Keep Your Gears Accessible 

One of the tips for riding with luggage is to keep the gears separate and accessible while riding. If riding to such a location that offers an adverse change in weather conditions, keep the clothing layers accessible. Pack the items you will need the most in one pannier and fill up the other side with stuff you may require once you reach the destination. 

Don’t Forget Rain Gear 

In the list of tips for riding with luggage, rain gear as water protection is a must. Though it takes up a small space, try to use it in other situations. If going camping, it would be the perfect camp jacket. You can also try it as a mud suit when returning to the town after ultimate off-roading. Among all tips for riding with luggage, do not miss out on this one. 

Divide and Ride Comfortably

Nothing can replace a well-thought tool kit, including lights, tubes and fuses. The advantage of riding in a group is that you can divide items across the group, keeping each rider’s load to a minimum and not missing the essentials. 

However, the disadvantage is that a single tyre or chain issue can derail a day’s journey. So, among the tips for riding with luggage, it is also essential to pack for your group. It will make the trip go smoothly. 

Have a Comfortable Seat to Ride On

If you plan an adventure trip, ensure your posture is flexible and comfortable. Riders often make the mistake of filling the back half of the seat with luggage and are left with only a little space between the gear and the handlebars. In such a situation, it can be critical to maintain a comfortable posture when riding on a downhill track. Apart from the tips for riding with luggage, do not forget to stretch your legs occasionally and take short breaks. Besides, try to eliminate any unnecessary luggage to free up the rear space on the motorcycle.

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