Prefabricated Home Types and their Top Benefits

In the past, prefabricated houses were not well-known in the construction industry. But in recent years, we can say that the market has boomed due to all the benefits that this type of construction offers.

What exactly is a manufactured house?

Prefabricated homes are also known as Modular houses and are built using standard sections. According to the Texas modular homes kit experts, they are manufactured outside of their final location in advance and then sent to the final location for final assembly.

What are the different types of manufactured homes?

We can distinguish between different types of modular homes based on the materials used to build them.

Prefabricated wooden homes

Modular wooden homes are well-known but they’re not the only option. This type of house has the advantage of being lighter than others, except those made from PVC. These houses are the cheapest.

Due to their thermal insulation, constructability, and scarcity of waste, they are among the most eco-friendly. It is important to check that the wood you choose has certifications.

Prefabricated steel homes

The prefabricated steel house is ideal for those who are looking for a contemporary design. It also requires little maintenance and the renovations are inexpensive.

These houses are 100% recyclable and have no chemical treatment. They also reduce energy costs because the steel is thermal and acoustic-insulating.

Prefabricated concrete homes

Concrete blocks are made in the factory and then assembled on-site. This material is durable and offers a variety of aesthetic options. It is therefore one of the most popular models.

Steelhouses are also a great way to save energy due to their excellent insulating, sound, and thermal capacity. This type of construction also has a high level of durability and resistance.

Prefabricated PVC houses

The plastic is very strong and light, which makes it ideal for prefabricated homes. After painting, the plates are assembled into walls to create a similar look to more traditional buildings.

The modules are low maintenance and durable, as well as providing excellent thermal insulation. Standardization of manufacturing in these modular houses makes them more environmentally friendly than other types.

Prefabricated cargo container houses

In recent years there has been an obvious trend within this sector to adapt cargo containers (sea containers) as modular components of a prefabricated home.

These containers are not only lightweight and durable but also very cost-effective. They can be used to build modern structures. The final finish is not important, as they can also be finished with wood, plaster, stoneware, or plaster.

These containers are highly sustainable because they recycle waste and are reused often, but we can also find brand-new ones.

Mobile prefab homes

Mobile homes are characterized by their mobility, not the material they are made from. The homes are not very invasive and can be moved around. This is an environmental benefit.

Prefabrication has many advantages.

Modular homes have many advantages, among them we can find:

  • Cheaper. As a rule, they are generally cheaper.
  • Fast to build. The parts of the home are already manufactured in factories, so it’s only a matter of assembling and assembling the pieces at the final location.
  • They are more eco-friendly. These houses are more eco-friendly because they use recycled material in their construction. By building the pieces in a series, energy and waste costs are reduced. This reduces emissions and waste that would otherwise be generated on construction sites.
  • Diverse materials. You can choose from a variety of materials to build the home that suits you best.

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