What Is Branding and How to Manage a Brand?

Making a brand known involves a wide variety of steps, strategies, and determined time. Building the company in the long term will make it more resistant to the ups and downs of the economy of each country, which is why it is essential to pay special attention to development.

In this process and analyzing point by point, we find branding, is one of the strategies that can take you to the top. It is a crucial concept to strengthen a brand, but unfortunately, not everyone gives it the importance it should have.

What is branding and what is it for?

Branding is the set of actions that are carried out to position a brand, elements that are capable of transmitting the value proposition that we are going to try to install in consumers.

This process involves much more than putting a name or designing a logo, it is about creating an interconnected ecosystem.

Branding includes the construction and management of the brand as a whole, including its positioning, personality, values, and communication strategies, among other aspects.

And also, seeks to establish an emotional and meaningful connection with the brand’s target audience and create a positive and lasting image in their minds.

What are the types of branding?

The main types of branding are:

  • Company or Corporate Branding: This is the most common of all, the one that points to the traditional corporate brand. Including your vision, values, ​​and organizational culture.
  • Personal branding: Powered by blogs and social networks, it refers to creating your brand and making you a benchmark in your sector. As an influencer, a business leader, an athlete, an artist, among others.
  • Co-branding: refers to the one that is born from the union of two brands to create a new product or complement each other.
  • Product Branding: Focuses on the branding of a product or product line, emphasizing its features, benefits, and purpose.
  • Services Branding: It focuses on the brand of services, such as consulting services, financial services, and health services, among others.

What are the best brand strategies?

To manage a brand strategy for your company, it is important to follow the following steps:

  • Define your brand: Define your purpose, values, personality, and brand promise.
  • Know your audience: Learn about your current and potential customers.
  • Develop a visual identity: Design a logo and color palette that represents your business.
  • Create an online presence: Make sure your website and social media profiles reflect your brand.
  • Ensure consistency: Make sure your message, tone, and style are consistent across all communication channels.
  • Promote your company: Run ad campaigns across multiple platforms, in sync and strategically. Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads, are some viable options.
  • Measure and improve: Measure the performance of your brand strategy and make changes accordingly.

What is the difference between branding and identity?

The difference that exists is that one concept is immersed within another, that is, identity is one of the key points needed to manage branding.

The visual identity is the graphic representation of the brand, which includes visual elements such as the logo, corporate colors, typography, iconography, and other elements that help the brand to be recognized visually.

Creating a strong corporate identity, whether verbal or visual, will be essential so that users can recognize you without the need for further explanation and that will differentiate you from other companies.

It focuses on building and managing the brand as a whole, while visual identity is the graphic representation of the brand that helps convey its personality and values.

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