How to Draw A Fancy Letter T Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter T. T is the twentieth note of the alphabet and is common in many words. You can already see how many times it appears in that first paragraph!

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It’s usually a reasonably simple letter, regardless of whether it’s uppercase or lowercase. In both cases, it is basically about two crossing lines.

However, in this guide, we won’t create a run-of-the-mill version of this letter! Our goal is to turn it into a fancy letter T, and that makes it more difficult.

There’s no need to fear because we’ve put together 6 steps to make it even easier! We’ll also look at ways you can decorate your drawing and make it even fancier.

Let’s start with step 1 of the guide and see how to create this super chic version of this joint letter.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter T

Step 1

Before you begin, you should look at this regular letter T. As mentioned, it’s a small horizontal line over a straight vertical line.

This is how it is usually done, but we are not aiming for a standard interpretation of the letter. Instead, we use some curved and rounded lines instead of straight ones.

Still, you can prepare to draw with a regular letter T. Try drawing a regular letter T with a pencil.

You can do this quickly to keep the missive T’s form in mind when drawing this rendition. So we can draw the first part of the fantasy version.

First, we draw the upper left part of the letter. Instead of a straight line, let’s draw a spiral shape instead.

This spiral shape is easy, but it may take a few tries. It can be relatively round but should still be upright.

Once we have this portion of the letter’s top row, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2

In this second step, we will add much more to your drawing. First, let’s keep it simple.

We draw a small, pointed point on the letter to do this. This is in the shape of a plug and should be connected to the top of the spiral shape from earlier.

We can leave this part for now and concentrate on the remaining left flank of the message. First, draw a lengthy vertical stripe down from the bottom of the circle form.

This vertical line should be straightforward, but feel free to add a slight curl. This section forms the central vertical line of the letter.

At the base of this section, it turns left and forms another spiral. This spiral will be slightly larger than the first but will spin in the opposite direction.

The spiral curves back to the right side of the drawing and begins to climb again. You can stop here for now, and we will finish the pattern in the next step.

Step 3

We’re glad to add the remainder of the design of this awesome letter T. To begin this process, continue to pick up where the line previously ended.

This line will then curve sharply to the right, forming a curved, horizontal shape. This will complete the top row of the letter and connect it to the other side.

With that, your pattern is complete! Now that it’s drawn, you can clean up all the lines and ensure you’re happy with how it looks.

At this point in your drawing, you can remove any pencil lines you drew to make it easier to start with the guide.

We won’t need it anymore as the next two steps involve adding internal details to the drawing. So if you’re ready, let’s do that and move on to step 4!

Step 4

This letter T looks incredibly extravagant! But the imagination doesn’t have to end with the outline because we can still add many exciting details.

In this distinct step, we will concentrate on the inside of the letter. We kept it simple by drawing some wavy curved lines throughout the interior.

Although simple, they help make the drawing much more visually attractive. Of course, you could create another type of model instead.

These are just two simple ideas, but the possibilities are endless! We’ll add the color later, so you can leave the inside blank to focus on the colors later if needed.

Once we’re done adding all the internal details we want, we’ll add some exterior details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

While our letter T looks even more elegant with the interior details, it’s not quite there yet. That’s why we’ve added more detail above and around the letter to complement it!

First, we drew some spiral lines sticking out from the letter. They look like tendrils sticking out from the letter, and to make it even more transparent, we added small leaves to the tendrils.

We chose to add three of these rings, but feel free to add more if you’d like! Next, we added a series of points near the outline.

These vary in size and help add a lot of personality to the design. Finally, we got some lines that run parallel to some parts of the outline.

All these details are simple but effective! You could add more, omit some, or keep it exactly as we did in our example. It’s up to you, and you can also add other details that come to your mind.

In the last step, we refine this imaginative letter with some colors to breathe life into it.

Step 6

It’s the sixth and final step of your awesome letter T, and now it’s time for some coloring fun! Our example shows you one of many colors you can choose from.

For our example, we chose a nice green color. It’s a darker shade but still a real eye-catcher.

This shade of green also pairs well with the tiny tendrils we added in the previous step. It makes this letter T look like it’s made from a screw!

If you have another color in mind, go for that color. You can even alternate some colors if you like!

Then you can also think about how to fill the image background. It can be a color that matches or contrasts with the color of the letter. Now it’s your turn to see how you want to colorize your letter T artwork!

Your Fancy Letter T Drawing is Finished!

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